Short Notes: My Dreams Is Vivid, Work Hard To Live It

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A few short notes: Dart Adams is easily one of my favorite non-education bloggers out there, and his latest entry about the Notorious B.I.G.’s legacy gives plenty of reasons why. [Bastard Swordsman] Tara Conley writes an open letter to popular feminist Amanda Marcotte, wondering aloud about the exclusion of womynists and feminists of color in the online feminism movement. You …

Jose VilsonShort Notes: My Dreams Is Vivid, Work Hard To Live It
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Because Ed-Techies Need To Hear This

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What’s the difference between ed-tech and real education? You. Last night, I was having a conversation with an educator who worked at a school that’s fully integrated with computers and other technologies. He appreciated the experience and he knows the whole world watched this school with fervor, wondering the possibilities of this type of school. Yet, he didn’t feel comfortable …

Jose VilsonBecause Ed-Techies Need To Hear This