Education Nation Teacher Town Hall 2012

Charter School Teachers Vs. Public School Teachers (Education Nation) [Why We Write]

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She said she doesn’t like when teachers differentiate themselves between charter and public. I nodded cautiously. At the Education Nation Teacher Town Hall, while NBC anchor Brian Williams feigned nervousness in front of the hundreds of educators in front of us, teachers from all different groups convened at the Public Library, some from groups like National Board for Professional Teaching Standards and the American Federation of Teachers (full disclosure: I …

Cry Baby

The Union Said I Couldn’t Wear My Favorite Color (and Other Absurd Assertions in Education Nation)

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First, watch this video. Then, predict what I might say to this, even before you read this title. Now, multiply that times two and that’s what I said when I watched this. Full disclosure: I was supposed to go to Education Nation, but I had an important date (my godson’s costume birthday party, where I dressed as Batman). Even still, I probably would have rolled my eyes hard at anyone …