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Design of a Decade: Moments From 10 Years Of Writing

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People forget that, ten years ago, the idea of blogging aloud made no sense to the average reader. The mainstream media had the stranglehold on public opinion, and trying to get an op-ed into any space requires a lot of know-how and a little know-who. Teachers were always talked about, …

Martin Luther King Jr. Pledging Allegiance at the Lincoln Memorial

Are You About That MLK Jr. Life?

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My latest at Medium delves into the questions I have for those who invoke Martin Luther King Jr. in their crusades for personal gratification. Here’s an excerpt: Even before the Common Core State Standards came into vogue, our entire system, whether public, private, or otherwise, have sought to keep children …


My Reaction to the President’s State of the Union Address

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Anytime the president of the United States shouts out teachers, that’s definitely a plus. Well, sorta. As a math teacher, I appreciate the emphasis on STEM in that it has the potential to open doors to students who normally don’t get those opportunities, or that’s the presumption. I graduated with …

Jose Vilson, US Department of Education

My New Year’s Resolve

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I’m supposed to tell you that I want to lose weight. I’m rounder than ever, so that’s a lofty goal. But that’s no fun, and I’d rather not spend your time talking about dietary supplements and instead tell you about my visit to the US Department of Education, my second …


These Feet Will Drag (A Poem)

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I haven’t written a poem in a few months. Don’t judge me. These are the words I choose to recite while getting back to work tomorrow. I’ll drag my feet to the classroom, but, once present, these words will flow these ideas will go these desks will hold these minds …


A Bit About The “End” of No Child Left Behind

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I’m not a fan. I do think we need to have a nation education reform. I do believe that there should be as much federal oversight as possible in the name of equity. I just happen to disagree vehemently with the folks who’ve been doing education reform on the state …


Hope and the Teacher

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My colleague asked me point-blank: “You’re saying you don’t think you’re having an effect on kids?” I guess I should have been more poignant. I’m also not one for small talk, an affliction I acquired from years of nervous ticks when I spoke in normal situations. I also suffered from …


The Dea(r)th of Opinions [TFA and Writing As A Whole]

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Back in 2009, ChalkbeatNY fka Gotham Schools had its first fundraiser featuring then-NYC Schools Chancellor Joel Klein and NYU researcher and former education reform cheerleader Diane Ravitch. He was there to give one of many speeches about the disruptive education reform he and former mayor Michael Bloomberg embarked on since …


The Students Always Do That

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Real talk: I haven’t been feeling myself lately. We’ve had a plethora of school program changes. In sum, I ended up with me having five periods of five classes. I don’t blame anyone in my building. I┬ádo find it inappropriate to make such hefty changes in freaking December, more so …

Author Roxanne Gay. (Kevin Nance photo)

Bad Teacherist [Reading Roxane Gay]

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I’m not the perfect teacher. At my best, I have a meticulously thought-out lesson plan with activities that access multiple pathways, and I can get an active discussion going even with the least engaged students in class. At my worst, I can barely put my thoughts together, and little that …