The Students Always Do That

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Real talk: I haven’t been feeling myself lately. We’ve had a plethora of school program changes. In sum, I ended up with me having five periods of five classes. I don’t blame anyone in my building. I┬ádo find it inappropriate to make such hefty changes in freaking December, more so …

Author Roxanne Gay. (Kevin Nance photo)

Bad Teacherist [Reading Roxane Gay]

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I’m not the perfect teacher. At my best, I have a meticulously thought-out lesson plan with activities that access multiple pathways, and I can get an active discussion going even with the least engaged students in class. At my worst, I can barely put my thoughts together, and little that …


How I Got Over [College Activism Is A Must]

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My first real foray into real college activism was on Syracuse University’s campus. It started with visiting a few tables at a college activities fair, picking up a few pamphlets and hoping to get acquainted with the Orange culture. I already predicted that my Dominican mother would say that I …


Mizzou Football and Why It Matters for Schools [LinkedIn]

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In my first, exclusive LinkedIn post, I discuss what leaders can learn from the University of Missouri (Mizzou) protests happening now. Here’s an excerpt: But lots of the narrative has changed in the last couple of years. Northwestern University football team’s demand for unionization and Ed O’Bannon’s lawsuit versus the …


The Investment (A Message To New Jersey Teachers)

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Last week, I got to address the New Jersey Education Association about a number of different issues, but I need to leave this one note here for posterity. Here’s a remixed, written-out version of the remarks I made at the NJEA Convention. The intent of the message, and many of …


Who Created The Cages? [About That Teacher Life]

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A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to speak at William Paterson University in New Jersey to their college of education. Their education program definitely has the right leaders to move their future teachers forward. After I spoke at length about being a teacher, cultural competence, and teacher leadership, …

Heart Blood

Lead With Love [Spring Valley High Is Your School Too]

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Today, I finally saw some of my cockamamie student groupings come to a screeching halt when some of my best students started clashing with each other over how to approach their scientific notation project. My 280 lbs frame usually settles disagreements if I’m in proximity, but this was not one …


We’re Wrong [Reflecting on Spring Valley High]

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One more thing about the teachers of color panel went awry from a couple of weeks ago: we too embody white supremacy as agents of the state. Yesterday, a cop assaulted a black girl in the middle of class for refusing to leave the class when a teacher, an administrator, …


This Is What Has To Be Done [#WhyIWrite]

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I had the honor and pleasure of having my superintendent visit my classroom today. The first time didn’t go so well. The students were wrapping up group project business, but, to the naked eye, it might have looked like the kids were winding down the school year leisurely. Since then, …