EduShyster and I Tag Team On A Microphone

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A couple of weeks ago, EduShyster visited my classroom because she’s my cousin, not in a biological way, but in the Dominican way where, when you think you’ve run out of cousins, out comes another one. Or, in this case, she’s an almost-kin. Such is the case for one of …


Short Notes: Share and Share Alike

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I’m bringing back Short Notes Sundays. I get to read a lot of good stuff around the web. Here’s a few that have gotten my brain working: Stacia L. Brown posits that the personal writing economy is the worst for Black women. It’s worth a reader for all writers, and …


Week 4: All The Students [World Teachers Day]

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On Friday, EduShyster visited my classroom, the last leg of her NYC tour. Anyone reads this blog knows I have a profound respect for her writing and her approach to talking about education, so much so that, when she asked if she could visit my classroom, I enthusiastically said “Yes!” …