How My Son Really Started Walking

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It’s obvious he does things his way. When he first came out of the womb, he yelled at the nurses in the hospital for making reference to Lady Gaga’s version of his name. When in the nursing station, he slept on his side whereas everyone else slept on their back. …

Where My Fatherhood Comes From [It Turned Into a Poem]

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My fatherhood is born of a desire to change everything that happened before me. Or before me. My fatherhood was born from not having a father figure present, and constantly seeking them in the form of priests, popular athletes, and men who only had time for a yearly visit. My fatherhood …


For The Person That I Do Have

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It all starts with a broken heart, a disillusionment about the statues your youth asks you to revere. I wasn’t supposed to tell you that, but it’s the truth. We who have ever felt this abandonment from our fathers went through stages of pain throughout our lives we never fully …


Four Months of Awesome [On Alejandro]

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Alejandro was staring at the door at 9 pm. I just got back from a long day and a vibrant discussion and dinner at SoHo with some colleagues who I hadn’t seen in months. When I got to my floor in my apartment building, I tiptoed from the elevator to …


The Lion Sleeps Tonight

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The only way to shock my son out of his crying spurts is to sing the first big note in “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.” I hit the highest falsetto possible, then jump right into the first few notes of the melody. Naturally, I forget the majority of the verses of …

Alejandro Luis Vilson Rojas and His Dad

But First Him, Always Him

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For the last four days, I’ve averaged about four hours of consistent sleep, including a a period of 24 hours from Thursday to Friday where I slept nothing. These days have been a haze of semi-consciousness, floating between staring at hospital beds and nurseries and recouping in the disaster area …

Fatherhood In Patterns

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There’s only two ways to really look at every decision you make as a father: either you’ll do it just like you’re father or nothing like him. That goes for everything in life, because the any choice in life we make is binary. With all the exposure I have to …