For The Person That I Do Have

Jose Vilson Jose 3 Comments

It all starts with a broken heart, a disillusionment about the statues your youth asks you to revere. I wasn’t supposed to tell you that, but it’s the truth. We who have ever felt this abandonment from our fathers went through stages of pain throughout our lives we never fully reconcile. We become victims of the ideal of a nuclear family, where the father provides the strength and grounded reason …

Where Letting Go Is The First Step Towards Newfound Fatherhood

Jose Vilson Jose 4 Comments

I called my father this morning, a rather unusual thing for me since our relationship doesn’t necessitate the usual banter and warmth that sitcoms project upon those of us who rarely see our fathers. When I grew up, I revered my father, a man whose voice and charisma reassured his young son that he’d always be there even if he wasn’t there physically. Soon, I came to find out that …

Father and Son Reading

The Certainty of Fatherhood

Jose Vilson Jose 8 Comments

This holiday usually conjures up negative energies from my Black and Latino brethren. Stories of misplaced fathers, dual-role mothers, and accidental pregnancy loom in the periphery of our society’s ills. Today, however, I chose to remember those who we consider the exceptions when other cultures may consider them the norm. This is for the fathers who work ’til their limbs give out just to keep the lights on in the …