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Teens are the predominant target group for this movie. At some point, don’t we as a society have to step in and question what we’re teaching our children about race? Isn’t it our responsibility as caring adults to tell our children that our differences only make our country richer in experience? How do we get our young boys and girls to understand that the difference they see in skin color, facial features and accents don’t make other people any less human? How can we change the climate of America’s race relations to the point where more people believe that Rue, a fictional character, is still every bit the relatable figure for fans of the novel regardless of the race we assign to her?

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Stephen Lazar, Brian Ford, myself, and others at #OccupyWallStreet, NJTAG pre-Columbus Day Teach-In


When we hear inaccurate statements about our profession, we ought to stand up and correct them—our battle is a fight against false ideas as well. As we elevate our profession by accurately discussing it, we should seek self-empowerment in the way we speak about our classrooms. Teachers can either continue to let others dictate the words we use to describe our profession or we can occupy the classroom, staying ahead of those who would rather downgrade our job to a matter of bubbles and letters. This will put us in control of the national education conversation and free us from inaccurate ideas about what the word “teacher” means. We should also reach for the validation of our students. We need to keep them occupied, too. Schooling needs to be less about busy work and more about the kind of learning that will keep kids engaged in the material.

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Too Cool For School

by Jose Vilson on August 1, 2007

mrvking.jpgI’m surprised by the serendipity of this August 1st. A few quick notes:

1) I’m the featured artist on RainTiger’s Poetry Site for August 2007. Thanks, mi gente.

2) As I said before, I’m a BlogCritic, and my latest article about the recent Rock the Bells concert featuring Rage Against the Machine, Wu Tang, and Public Enemy is officially published. An excerpt:

“What changed everything, however, was when a 6’3″ chubby-looking Canadian gentleman came up to my friend and I and had a discussion about his inebriation. It was fine until he said, “You know, you’re like the 11th Black person I’ve seen at this event.” It didn’t bother me; to the contrary, it made me conscious of what I was witnessing. He continued, “You know, it’s funny how at an event like this, where there are Black performers performing Black music, almost the whole audience is White.”

3) And now I’m done with my summer class. I’m turning in my paper in approximately 2 hours. Liberation!

Now, off to eat some Honey Combs and such. Tomorrow, I’ll have a review of Common’s latest album, Finding Forever, up here.