Let Me Re-Introduce Responsible Citizenship [Future of Teaching]

Jose Vilson Mr. Vilson

An excerpt from my latest at The Future of Teaching: I propose that, those of us who’ve seen what’s happened with character education instead use the term “responsible citizenship.” I recently Googled the term “responsible citizenship” and found a plethora of definitions, but they all coalesce around the idea that …

We No Speak Americano [Future of Teaching]

Jose Vilson Guest Posts, Mr. Vilson

Excerpt: While we should always have a skeptical eye towards new research, here’s hoping this movement towards bilingual education doesn’t die the way the movement towards the metric system. (As a math teacher, I’m still annoyed at having to use inches instead of centimeters.) At this point in education, we’ve …

Classic Soul Train

I Prefer To Boogie On The Soul Train [Future of Teaching]

Jose Vilson Guest Posts, Mr. Vilson

Excerpt: As I’ve gotten older and seen how different movements work, I’ve noticed that, whether charitable or nefarious, the most effective movements have a small, malleable, and memorable set of core beliefs and tenets for their congregation. Obviously, the core team of Teaching 2030 represents that. The diversity in ed-thought …