Plaxico Burress with Son, Elijah

Plaxico Burress and The Inverse of Prisons

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Today, Plaxico Burress, former wide receiver of the New York Giants, was sentenced to 2 years in jail (with good behavior, it’ll be brought down to 20 months or less). My stance on the matter hasn’t changed much since the last time I’ve ruminated on the topic. I agree that bringing a gun to the club without a holster and without a licensed bodyguard spells danger for anyone, especially a …

Plaxico Burress

What Do I Think of Success? It Sucks

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The bad news is that Plaxico Burress, wide reciever for the New York Giants, shot himself in the leg, and thoroughly embarassed himself, Antonio Pierce, and anyone else who accompanied him at Latin Quarters. The worse news is that this happened just about a year after Sean Taylor, free safety who last played for the Washington Redskins, was murdered in his own home, and also 2 years after Darrent Williams, …

The Triumph of the Human Spirit

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Cold Stone Creameries, Saturday.Michael Jackson blaring through the stereos above while some kids dance to it. I’m chillin’ with my girl, scooping up on Cookie Doughn’t You Want Some and bragging to his girl about being a thriller in the sack. A trip afterwards to the Virgin Megastore, and along the way, me giving pound to a dreaded VJ by the name of Sway while “The Bridge Is Over” by …


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:: screams this in hi-def:: We are the champions, my friends!!!! We kept on fighting till the end!!!!! We are the champions!!!! We are the champions!!!! Nobody’s perfect!!!! Because we are the champions of the NFL!!!! Just had to get that off my chest. Now, back to losing my voice … This has made my otherwise insane weekend that much sweeter … or that much more insane. More on that …

Shooting Airballs at an Imaginary Basket

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As my first decree of totally partiality, I am a Yankees, Knicks, and Giants fan, and when I’m in the mood, the Rangers, too. Yes, it’s a bias that I assumed environmentally; I live in / love Manhattan, and even if the rest of the city treats the Lower East Side like an annex of Brooklyn, it’s still my home. Living in this city, I’m used to too many extremes; …