Gil Scott-Heron

Before Writing A Protest Poem [Peace to Gil]

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Beautiful Sunday. Driving with my family back to NYC after my brother graduated a couple of weeks back. Before I knew Gil was on his last legs. [taps pencil on Moleskine repeatedly] “What to write, what to write …” [taps knee with pencil, taps front car seat with pencil, bites eraser, gets tired of tapping] “Ahhh! What the hell!” [scratches …

Running To The Edge

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Dennis Littky, radical educator and co-founder of Big Picture Learning, wowed everyone with his TEDxNYED speech on Saturday. The man with the colorful kufi and grey beard might have struck the unsuspecting (and uninformed) as discordant in contrast to the business casual of the rest of the crowd or aloof because of their own prejudices, but he removed all doubt …