What A 55 Looks Like On This Side [Fail Is A Strong Word]

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Sifting through the multitude of ungraded papers, I looked for some sign that they actually learned something. I hate entering in 55s in my Excel sheet. A teacher can say whatever they want to the kids, and threaten them about not doing well, but most of us prefer that all of our kids do well from the early going. Even …

Jose VilsonWhat A 55 Looks Like On This Side [Fail Is A Strong Word]

Don’t Grade The MTA

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Dear members of the NYC City Councilmembers, I get it. You want to hold the MTA accountable somehow for their abhorrent misuse of funds, consistently delayed projects, and general failure to produce a good service for the amount of money the average New Yorker pays.  It’s hard to blame the average service worker, but the guys at the top need …

Jose VilsonDon’t Grade The MTA