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A Thought On Graduations As A Whole

Jose Vilson Mr. Vilson 3 Comments

A list of the common complaints about graduations from K-12: Not everyone deserves to graduate. A more detailed subset of that list: At this rate, should we have to make special accommodations for our kids when we’re trying to raise the rigor of all curricula? Better yet, can everyone just get an intervention plan so we can stop lying to ourselves that every student who graduates gets the same criteria? …


7,000 Children Left Behind

Jose Vilson Jose 5 Comments

A couple of weeks back, newspapers across the city reported that around 7,000 students were wrongly sent to summer school because of their ELA or math test scores. I’m almost certain a few of those include my own (former) students. For those of you who don’t know the inner workings of how these officials make their decisions, the ELA and Math tests have two basic elements: the multiple choice and …


In The End, The Love You Take Is Equal To The Love You Make [Class of 2012]

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On The Future of Teaching blog, I made a list of the five things I learned this year, a standard writing prompt for writers who can’t for the life of them get a word out about the whirlwind named “The End of the Year.” Every year spins out of control right around the last two weeks, and the staff, prepared for emergency landing, lock their seatbelts extra tightly and enjoy …