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Short Notes: David Foster Wallace On Hip-Hop?

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A few notes: First, thanks to everyone who liked my Facebook page. Please do give it a “like” when you get a chance. We have awesome discussions and cool co-conspirators. [Facebook] David Foster Wallace had an opinion on hip-hop that I actually found kinda dope. I wouldn’t highlight it otherwise. [NY Daily News] Maria Popova illustrates how Albert Einstein thought about creativity. I’m a geek for brain studies. [Brain Pickings] …

Kendrick Lamar as MLK Jr.

Kendrick Lamar’s Control (Happy Birthday, Hip-Hop)

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“What are you listening to?” I know. I’m not supposed to have kids listening to their iPods in school. It was after the ELA state test, and they needed to decompress after another long period of little to no movement. “What do you mean, Mr. V?” “I mean, what are you listening to?” “You know, stuff.” “Stuff? Like, what kind of stuff?” “Umm, rap, you know …” as he waves …

Short Notes: Hip-Hop Didn’t Fail America

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Before I proceed, dozens of people from various school districts have told me that my site is blocked on their school computers. In the event that it is, you can always get my articles via e-mail by signing up on the right-hand side of this blog or by subscribing via RSS for my savvy readers, also on the right-hand side.  They can block my site’s URL, but they can’t block …


Nas, Lil’ Wayne, and Adolf Hitler: A Rap and Education Memo

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The latest news that may signal a sea change for hip-hop is that Nas, one of the most prolific and legendary artists in rap, may have asked for help with a few concepts in his album N*gger, or, as a few people have described it, had ghostwriters. The term “ghostwriting” has been reserved for guys like Dr. Dre and Diddy (Puff Daddy), those who would prefer to just let an …

Because Mos Def Can Say It Better Than I Can Right Now

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Because Mos Def can say it better than I can (all emphases mine) … The fresh, the author and associates are proud to present M-Def the Black, fantastic raw Dynamic, true Ecstatic, ghetto outstanding Classic active every place, I have The skill, power, passion, raise your red lantern Stanzas and anthems based on expansion A vantage point of the past, present and after Rapture, master of ceremony, a master craft …


The Manhood Series: About Eminem And My Own Slight Conflicts

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“So, what you’re saying is that you don’t think it’s right that Benzino and the Source are calling Eminem Elvis?” “No, it’s like they’re using the pro-Black agenda superficially to garner the respect of the hip-hop community, and it’s gonna backfire because everyone knows it’s not true. It’s just personal BS from the Source ownership.” Since the battle between Ja Rule / Murder Inc. / Source vs. 50 Cent / …

Big Pun’s Wife and How Sexism Runs Rampant Through Your Vericose Vains

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Indulge me. Watch this video and tell me what’s your first reaction. If your first reaction to this video was “Girl, get a job!”, whether you’re a woman or man of any color or stature, you’re enacting on sexist behavior. Yes, I got this from rapradar.com and also saw it on another website. While I thought Rap Radar did an effective job of just putting this in the fore, the …

Jay-Z Vibe Cover

Who’s Gonna Cover Your Vibes, XXLs, and Sources?

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Recently, Vibe Magazine closed its doors, at least in print form. For those who never ventured into black publication, Vibe Magazine was a Black-based magazine started by Quincy Jones last decade. The ostensible vision of the pub was to highlight Black culture, but with a bit of a White lens. It mainly featured R&B and hip-hop acts while also dipping into some rock and dance artists from time to time. …


A Letter To The Black Star, Mos Def and Talib Kweli

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Dear Mos Def and Talib Kweli, (or whoever decides to read / respond / reflect) Your concert piece last night reminded me why I’m such a big fan of yours. A myriad of followers from all over the Tri-State area, of all different backgrounds, ages, and cultures came through to show these two Brooklyn men love. Without any songs on the radio or much publicity, you turned out 2 sold …

Hip-Hop MC

The JLV’s Top 5 Greatest vs. Top 5 Favorite MCs of All Time

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On Facebook, I came across a slight problem that most hip-hop heads come across whenever a major hip-hop event happens (i.e. the release of Notorious, the movie): how do we qualify our short-list of greatest MCs and favorite MCs? I put up my thoughts to the masses and got a good 30+ responses, ranging from super-duper-stars to underground All-Stars. I tried my best to hold my lip about the topic …