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Short Notes: With Tears and Cheers

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A few notes: Edutopia highlights five, count em, FIVE books I think you should read. Just go. Read em if you haven’t already. [Edutopia] When discussing the path of citizenship, this is what really matters. Five fifths human. [Los Angeles Times] The New York Times editorial board thinks there should be changes made to the way we treat schools in …

Jose VilsonShort Notes: With Tears and Cheers

Short Notes: What Fathers Watch

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A few notes: Chris Lehmann wants people to get the difference between authoritative and authoritarian. Here’s a primer. [Practical Theory] John Spencer has five things he never wants to say. Maybe you’ll rethink about the things you say, too. [Education Rethink] Jeb Bush thinks immigration is a good idea … because immigrants are “more fertile.” Ay dios mio. [FOX Latino] …

Jose VilsonShort Notes: What Fathers Watch

Wherever The DREAM May Lead Us [An Education For All]

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Recently, the conversation around the use of the word “illegal immigrant” came to a precipice when the New York Times’ public editor said there was nothing wrong with using the phrase. Writers like Jose Antonio Vargas and institutions like Univision chimed in, and rightly so. “Illegal immigrant” suggests that the immigrant themselves is illegal. The very term suggests that these …

Jose VilsonWherever The DREAM May Lead Us [An Education For All]

You May Say I’m a DREAMer [Where We Belong]

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An interesting story came across my desk this morning. Daniela Peraez, the valedictorian of her class, almost had to rescind her citizenship status over complications with the migra. This particular paragraph stuck with me: Despite her uphill legal battle that lies ahead, Pelaez will head to Dartmouth College in September on a full scholarship. As friends, family, and supporters watched …

Jose VilsonYou May Say I’m a DREAMer [Where We Belong]

Gov. Jan Brewer Has A Mind Of Her Own … Kinda

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Let’s ignore for a second that Arizona has been the hot bed for ultra-conservative rogue policy for the last few years, and still hasn’t done a thing about those undocumented immigrants imprisoned in what networks would have us believe are cushy, metallic lounges. Gov. Jan Brewer, whose administration has been lauded for her right-wing activist stance against the wishes of …

Jose VilsonGov. Jan Brewer Has A Mind Of Her Own … Kinda
Luis Ramirez and Three of His Murderers

Another Reason Why Some Educators Won’t Talk About Race

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No, you’re going to get into race at length. Or any other real world issue for that matter. Because you’ve made your blog just as someone in the edublogosphere prescribed: edu-tech here, ed policy there, a response to the latest trend sprinkled in. You’re doing well for yourself and your readers skyrocket. The only controversy you ever touch is the …

Jose VilsonAnother Reason Why Some Educators Won’t Talk About Race
John Lennon, People For Peace

Whatever Gets You Through The Night

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You wanna know what’s funny? That one video everyone’s cycling around with a guy who’s dead asleep on the train and bangs his head against the seat, only to wake up startled and cognizant of some jerk filming him the entire time. Hilarious, even. Or so that’s what many in my social network believe. Pardon my empathy, but I’ve had …

Jose VilsonWhatever Gets You Through The Night
No One Is Illegal Mural

The Case for “Undocumented” and Against “Illegal”

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This afternoon, I posted a status on my Facebook, asking: Where do you see the difference between calling a certain sector of our society “illegal immigrants” or “undocumented workers.” I’ll remove the names, but the answers varied. Some postulated that there is no difference; getting one’s legalization forms “or papers” is what’s important. There’s an argument there, and I’ll discuss …

Jose VilsonThe Case for “Undocumented” and Against “Illegal”
Arizona arrest

We Fight We Love [On Immigration]

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A couple of days ago on the train, I saw a young Black man with a Cubs hat, a multi-colored jacket and a Black t-shirt that read, “You’re in the USA: Now SPEAK ENGLISH!” A large segment of Black communities (and by Black, I mean from African-American, Caribbean Black, etc.) find this meme so self-evident that they’ll completely ignore their …

Jose VilsonWe Fight We Love [On Immigration]