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DREAM Act: I Know God Has My Back

December 19, 2010 Jose
DREAM Act: A Reality

I took the train to my Mom’s house last night, hoping to help her with some of the chores, but ran out of funds. I jetted to my local bank, where a security guard sat there in a thick coat and an orange vest, calling a family member who obviously relayed some family gossip to […]

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Whatever Gets You Through The Night

October 7, 2010 Jose
John Lennon, People For Peace

You wanna know what’s funny? That one video everyone’s cycling around with a guy who’s dead asleep on the train and bangs his head against the seat, only to wake up startled and cognizant of some jerk filming him the entire time. Hilarious, even. Or so that’s what many in my social network believe. Pardon […]

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The Case for “Undocumented” and Against “Illegal”

August 3, 2010 Jose
No One Is Illegal Mural

This afternoon, I posted a status on my Facebook, asking: Where do you see the difference between calling a certain sector of our society “illegal immigrants” or “undocumented workers.” I’ll remove the names, but the answers varied. Some postulated that there is no difference; getting one’s legalization forms “or papers” is what’s important. There’s an […]

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We Fight We Love [On Immigration]

April 29, 2010 Jose
Arizona arrest

A couple of days ago on the train, I saw a young Black man with a Cubs hat, a multi-colored jacket and a Black t-shirt that read, “You’re in the USA: Now SPEAK ENGLISH!” A large segment of Black communities (and by Black, I mean from African-American, Caribbean Black, etc.) find this meme so self-evident […]

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Encima De Nuestros Espaldas (On Our Backs)

October 16, 2008 Jose

Last night, an enclave of us decided to liveblog the last debate between John McCain and Barack Obama at Hofstra University. While so much of the liveblogging was entertaining (while the debate often droned on), we noticed a few things of particular interest to us: 1) John McCain looks like a hard-pressed thumb 2) Both […]

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Paved With Gold

August 26, 2008 Jose

What do you believe in? This question always comes to me whenever I hit historical sites like Ellis Island, an island that symbolizes the immigration of millions of people’s hopes and dreams but also desperation and pain. I couldn’t overlook the trials they had to endure before they even arrived here, having to raise money […]

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