Toni Morrison

Toni Morrison Speaks To Me About Racism [The Work]

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For Lent, I’ve given up. Actually, that’s not true at all. If anything, I’ve re-dedicated myself to loving in spots that I shouldn’t, and letting go in spaces where I wouldn’t. The issue with many racists is that they’re heavily-armored in pushing some of us to the edge. In turn, …

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Why We Must Believe (Our Formation)

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“Come on, let’s get this done, I believe in you.” “Why do you always say that, Mr. Vilson, like …” “Um, because I believe in you.” “Oh my God, this is, like, the only class I hear a teacher say that …” It was a weird moment for me. I …


A Repertoire for the Imperfect

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Last night, my fiancee and I watched El Cantante, a first-person retelling of legendary salsa star Hector Lavoe’s life of music, drugs, and suicide through the eyes of his wife Nilda “Puchi” Perez. For anyone who caught the movie and knew anything about the music and times in which the …

On Being Difficult

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A few weeks ago, my good friend John Holland and I were discussing some really good conversation ranging from music to education. Every time we have a conversation, whether it’s by ourselves or in a group context, the back-and-forth reminds me of a never-ending ladder. One time, as we got …

Teaching Patience Where There Is None

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Today, I felt compelled to break down some skills around adding like terms because kids were still a little confused between 3x and x^3. Many adults profess this, too. Yet, anyone who does understand this tend to roll their eyes at those who don’t. For that matter, anyone who gets …

(A Part of) My Kids at Yankee Stadium

With Your Hearts Wide Open

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Last night, and over the last few weekends, I’d been working on a piece (of poetry) for my students, one that I hope they’d remember, that would capture the memories we had for so long. I couldn’t come up with anything appropriate until last night. I couldn’t have it be …

Oasis in Concert

Paint No Illusion, Try To Click With Whatcha Got

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First, if I haven’t thanked each and every one of you for your feedback to the blog, let me thank you once more. It’s been a tough couple of weeks personally, and even when the New Yorker in me tells me otherwise, I appreciate the random kindness and words of …

Precocious Kid's X-Mas List

Your Favorite EduBlogger’s Favorite Edublog?

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Another day, another list of edubloggers I may or may not have made it on. This conversation trickled down via Teacher Magazine, then the Teacher Leaders Network, and it has some people up in arms about why some of the same bloggers get chosen for these and they exclude others. …

Captain Underpants

Your Image Is As Important As Your Underwear

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Today, I had the pleasure of attending the 1st prep meeting for a conference I’ll be attending this summer in Orlando, where we’ll be bathing in the sun next to a bevy of beauties and margaritas learning about teaching and learning from the likes of Jon Saphier and Robert Marzano. …

Malcolm X, "Our Freedom Can't Wait!"

Short Notes: Build Your Own Independence v.2010

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A suggestion on building your own independence in the new decade, but first, a few notes: If you didn’t catch my interview in American Latino TV, check it out. Discussions about Latinos and education ensue. [American Latino] Jeff Pearlman threw me this interview with Roger Ebert, who’s found new life …