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Walk With Your Chin Up, Young Man

October 12, 2009 Jose

Sometime last year, a young weary teacher walked through a still leaf-laden path along the projects in his neighborhood. Exhausted after a long day and a subsequent pair of naps on the trains he needs to take to and from work, sore from his feet up, and generally in need of a welcoming seat and […]

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The Process, of Teaching and Otherwise

October 5, 2009 Jose
Lemon Andersen

On Saturday night, yours truly had the opportunity to see County of Kings, a one-man show by Lemon Andersen, in which he tells a semi-autobiographical tale about his life and struggle in the slums of Brooklyn, facing p0verty, drug convictions, AIDS-harboring parents, and the challenges of learning how to be a man without having many […]

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Michael Jordan’s Principle: Address The Haters

September 28, 2009 Jose

Michael Jordan’s Hall of Fame speech (and his career, for that matter) read like a diatribe against wrong decision-making … and our fundamental ideas about sportsmanship. For those that have lived under the sea for the last 30 years, Michael Jordan’s arguably the greatest basketball player of all time, surpassing records and racking up a […]

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Why We Quote

September 21, 2009 Jose
Neil Patrick Harris on Jeopardy

On Twitter a few hours ago, I asked a simple question: Here’s a good question: who’s the person you quote the most? Why? I got a myriad of responses, all of which I’d like to share with you: Dr. King. He’s timeless and relatable. – @missprofe Emerson. Radical (for his time), individualist, remained true to […]

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Leave Out All The Rest

August 6, 2009 Jose
Linkin Park

This past week, I had the fortune of, among other things, hanging out in North Carolina with the folks from Center of Teaching Quality. I got there (in one piece) right in time for dinner, where teachers from across the country got together and just hung out. It’d been our second time together, so there […]

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August 3, 2009 Jose
Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan, Moonwalking in "Jam"

It ain’t too much for me to jam. I have to find my peace ‘cuz No one seems to let me be False prophets cry of doom What are the possibilities I told my brother There’ll be problems, Times and tears for fears, We must live each day Like it’s the last Go with it […]

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Short Notes: Fire and Rain

July 12, 2009 Short Notes
Orange NYC Sky, June 26th, 2009

A few notes: This weather’s been so absurd lately, hasn’t it? I’ve bought more umbrellas in the past month than I’ve had to my entire life. It’s a rather heated meeting between fire and rain … Speaking of which, I know everyone wants to know what I’ve been listening to non-stop for the last couple […]

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