Orange NYC Sky, June 26th, 2009

Short Notes: Fire and Rain

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A few notes: This weather’s been so absurd lately, hasn’t it? I’ve bought more umbrellas in the past month than I’ve had to my entire life. It’s a rather heated meeting between fire and rain … Speaking of which, I know everyone wants to know what I’ve been listening to non-stop for the last couple of months. Without further adieu: …

Jose VilsonShort Notes: Fire and Rain
Kirk and Spock

Don’t Ask Why Not, But How It’s Getting Done

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Sometime after I saw the movie Star Trek, my girlfriend and I sat in a diner and chit-chatted about education as usual, when the issue of “getting things done” came up. Of course, there’s now a million GTD and DIY-themed sites out there, helping you get from point A to point B for anything, thus making anyone into a virtual …

Jose VilsonDon’t Ask Why Not, But How It’s Getting Done

Where Does Drive Come From?

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She sat there, discussing her latest situations with adults and children with a sore arm, and a cup of coffee she sips so carefully. She resists throwing herself in a negative zone as she sees my worry; that she may lose her confidence about what she’s doing drove the conversation into what made her passionate. She then paused for a …

Jose VilsonWhere Does Drive Come From?
Dream about Falling Down

Thou Shall Not Fall

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Today, I got to thinking a lot about success and failure lately, because with everything, it feels like I’m treading a fine line between failure and success. Every so often, the lane opens up wide and I can run far and around, speeding to my next destination. On the other hand, sometimes I feel like walking a tightrope, and that’s …

Jose VilsonThou Shall Not Fall
Harvey Milk

My Own Purpose Driven Life

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Last night, I saw Milk, starring Sean Penn and Josh Brolin. As I’m typing this, I’m having difficulty using the proper word to describe how that movie made me feel. “Moved” may be appropriate, but it needs some sort of adverb. I found myself in tears in some scenes, and not even during the assassinations. What had me pulling my …

Jose VilsonMy Own Purpose Driven Life

The Persistence of Memory

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Let’s set the scene. Sunday, September 7th, 2008. I’ve just spent the better part of the last 7 hours soft-coding and designing page 4 of my website, which includes it’s own subset of pages and such, and making a really cool menu. Drake and Josh, Spongebob Squarepants, Philadelphia Eagles vs. St. Louis Rams, and Dallas Cowboys vs. Cleveland Browns on …

Jose VilsonThe Persistence of Memory

I’ve Got Soul, But I’m Not a Soldier

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It’s around this time of year that have to re-remember how to be Mr. Vilson and no longer Jose. This summer’s been great, and I’ve had many a revelation through this summer personally and professionally. I’ve rested, I’ve breathed, I’ve read, I’ve written, I’ve learned, I’ve loved, and I’ve lived. And now, I’m almost ready to face those children again. …

Jose VilsonI’ve Got Soul, But I’m Not a Soldier

If You Are What You Say You Are

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“Superstar,” an art teacher once said, in reference to me in the classroom. Sometimes I hear it ring in my head in the morning while I’m washing my face, brushing my teeth, and looking at these life-worn eyes. Every minute after that is in preparation for some upcoming performance, maybe even a battle. I watch Sportscenter in the morning, or …

Jose VilsonIf You Are What You Say You Are
Hector Lavoe, "El Cantante"

Yo Soy El Cantante (I Am The Singer)

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The first question I got asked was from Frumteacher, who looked forward to me answering these questions: Two requests for you to delve into, Jose: 1) What made you become a teacher? 2) How do you feel when you stand in front of the blackboard? Most of you are privy to my Vilson Manifesto in which I detail, and divulge, …

Jose VilsonYo Soy El Cantante (I Am The Singer)

Tell You Somethin’ (A Teacher’s Reprise)


I can’t wait, I can’t wait, I won’t wait, I don’t wanna wait I can’t wait, I can’t wait, I won’t wait, I don’t wanna wait I won’t wait til it’s too late … On Sunday, I spoke a little about how I often see myself as an inspiration to the little ones in my class, especially my boys, who …

Jose VilsonTell You Somethin’ (A Teacher’s Reprise)