That’s 21 of Your Validators Ate Up At The Same Time

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“I‘m not a regular competitor, first rhyme editor Melody arranger, poet, etcetera Extra events, the grand finale like bonus I am the man they call the microphonist With wisdom which means wise words bein spoken Too many at one time watch the mic start smokin’ I came to express the …

The Less Experience, The Better

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I get it. The less experience and qualifications you have as an educational policy leader, the better. If you can play good defense and set nice picks, you’re qualified for the US Secretary of Education. If you’re part anti-Microsoft lawyer and part CEO of a random arm of a corporation, …

Waiting for Superman

How Much Superman Knows About Pedagogy

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Pardon my snark, but what does Superman really know about pedagogy? Really, I’m not sure why Davis Guggenheim, John Legend, Bill Gates, Michelle Rhee, or anyone else think this superhero should be the face of education reform when a) he probably wants nothing to do with this mess b) kids …

George W. Bush lays a fart in Colin Powell's face

If You Smelt It, You Probably Dealt It

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I don’t like telling people the good, honest truth all the time. I prefer a more diplomatic truth where the recipient has some chance of getting better. No, really. One of my friends says that I can be so candid at times, I have to put a cap on it …

Ghost Busters vs. Stay Puff

The Education Boogey-Men

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Over the last few years, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting educational innovators and thought leaders from throughout the country, people who I either admire for their awesomeness or have pushed my thinking in ways I hadn’t thought of. People like the Teacher Leaders Network and my folks on Facebook …

Jay-Z in concert

What We’re Definitely Talking About

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I hate being Joel Klein’s messenger. I’m not directly that, but today, at a common prep meeting, I found myself having to blunt the rather acute message that sometime this week, NYC teachers would receive teacher evaluative reports. From my vague understanding, the reports yield a summative (and opaque) view …