Juan Luis Guerra

Short Notes: La Travesia (The Crossing)

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A few notes: I hope the Juan Luis Guerra series convinced 1/2 of you to expand your horizons and download a couple of dudes’ tracks. If not, I need to do another series. 5 projects in the queue, none down. August 15 re-release of the jlv? Excellent. Wall-E is a …


Me Sube La Bilirrubina (It Raises My Bilirubin)

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I’m honestly not that arrogant. I just like to call madness out for what it is. Eddie Griffin might be right: I’m insane, and that’s something to be congratulated. Watching Black in America over the last 2 days, at the encouragement ad nauseum of practically everyone in my Facebook, Twitter, …


Visa Para Un Sueno (Visa For A Dream)

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Buscando visa para un sueño Buscando visa para un sueño … My dreams have gotten more macabre lately. Even while my life’s been going great, and it’s gotten better, my dreams have gotten even more insane. Losing more family members, jumping off buildings, and screaming at the top of my …

Cost of Living

El Costo De La Vida (The Cost Of Life)

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In “El Costo De La Vida (The Cost Of Life)”, Juan Luis Guerra starts off the song like he and his friends are reading straight from a stack of newspapers he’s got on his desk. Check the flow: El costo de la vida sube otra vez el peso que baja …