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Short Notes: On The Brink Of

October 25, 2009 Short Notes
Muse: The Resistance

A few notes: I haven’t done this short notes format because I’ve had more to talk about topically. Now, I have a lot less time but more things happening. Perfect for this format. I’ve noticed that many educators in the digital age have taken on the vision of Frank McCourt, who once said that, when […]

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Why Your Voice Really Does Matter

October 18, 2009 Jose
Soledad O'Brien

Last night, I and the gentlemen from went to El Museo Del Barrio, a museum dedicated to the Latino experience here and everywhere, located in Spanish Harlem, to see a preview of CNN’s Latino in America, a spinoff off the acclaimed Black in America by Soledad O’Brien. She was present to introduce the clips […]

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The Tourist (or Not That Black in America)

July 27, 2009 Jose
Black in America

Sure enough, I didn’t catch most of CNN’s Black in America 2 special. I’ll most likely catch that sometime in the future; reruns prevail over original programming even on a 24-hour news channel. I caught bits of it and found inspiration in the story of Steve Perry, a Black high school principal whose high expectations […]

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Letters: Why I Don’t Just Color In One Crayon

July 10, 2009 Jose
Audre Lorde

Dear Random Commenters and Viewers of My Blog, In my last post, I contended, from personal experience and other sources, that Black and Latino males were definitely needed as participants in schools across the nation, especially in the role of teacher, head figure of most people’s experience with school and the man or woman in […]

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On The Reason Why You May Only Get One Black Male Teacher Ever In Your Life (If At All)

July 7, 2009 Jose
KRS-One, The Teacher

Here’s a real and researched statistic for you. Before college, I only had 1 Black male teacher. I also believe I had 1-2 male Latino (sorry for redundancy, it’s necessary) teachers in my lifetime before college as well. His name was Mr. Wingate and he taught me Computer Applications. In 12th grade. Nothing profound, but […]

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Tell Your Fucking Mexican Friends To Get The Fuck Out of Shenandoah

May 21, 2009 Jose
Luis Ramirez and Son

… or you’ll be laying next to him. That’s what Luis Ramirez’ murderers told his friends after killing him. And that’s why this post-racial talk is simply pure nonsense. I get it: we have a Black president, and we have the first____ and the first ____ in ____ and _____. While I get tired of […]

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