From a Teacher to an Educational Leader

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Luz loved writing about education so much, she decided to give us another nugget of wisdom. Once again, Luz … The transition began four years when I saw the chaos that was around me in the school I had been working in for six years. Even though it wasn’t always …

Frida Kahlo's "Le Due Frida"

Short Notes: By Any Means Human

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Get your New York Yankees wallpaper here and here courtesy of yours truly. You’re welcome. I’m not losing any fat, but I’m definitely gaining muscle. Thus, my weight is still the same, but I feel different. It’s worth noting that the one group my blog is popular with is … …


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You say you want a revolution, well you know we all want to change the world. My annoyance right now stems from the idea of leadership, and how my definition of it has changes vastly everyday. On the one end, I wanted to believe I was a leader. I do …

How Much I Make? A Difference

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This morning, after waking up from a much-needed hangover-induced nap, I decided to make my rounds on the Internets. I got to AM’s blog and came upon one post in particular that I loved. It was Taylor Mali’s performance of “What Teachers Make”, a poem about the difference between a …