Short Notes: The Learning Styles Nonsense

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A few notes: Please do like my page on Facebook if you haven’t already. The conversations there are heating up. [Facebook] Dan Willingham called learning styles crap a long time ago, but this article explores the idea anyways. [Scientific American] Rania Khalek finds out that SNAP (food stamps) practically pay for themselves. Why get rid of it? [Dispatches from the Underground] Where I’m inclined to agree with hedge fund manager …

Be Different

Differentiation: The Dirtiest Word In Education Today

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It’s like a few people sat around a table, steaming mad at their own opposing views on the direction of education, and said, “What’s a good word that we can all hold our hands around?” The minute they spread the word around, it became the go-to word for evaluators and validators across the country. People began to set up stations all around their classroom with no rationale for their stations. …