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Dear Carmelo Anthony, Because It’s That Necessary [From a Knicks Fan]

August 12, 2012 Jose

Dear Carmelo Anthony, Let’s start out with the easy stuff. Congratulations on another gold medal at the 2012 Olympics in London. You impressed us with your usual array of offensive weapons, specifically the hot 3-point shooting. At some points, it really seemed like you flicked the ball off your fingers and it would still go […]

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A Letter About My View on the Common Core Learning Standards [Because "Shut Up" Isn't Clear Enough]

July 23, 2012 Jose

Dear Reader, Frankly, this post shouldn’t matter. I’m a classroom teacher first and foremost, and am often in situations where I can readily embody what most of my colleagues believe about education and the teachers’ role in education reform. It’s a privilege at times to rub elbows with union leaders, well-known activists, and other thought […]

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A Success For Both Of Us, If We Can Have One

June 21, 2011 Mr. Vilson

When you said a 7th grade class, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I thought you had made it to the next grade along with some of the other knuckleheads I had seen the year before. No matter. You’d be in my class and I was going to make you love math, even if you were […]

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Another Reason Why Some Educators Won’t Talk About Race

March 17, 2011 Jose
Luis Ramirez and Three of His Murderers

No, you’re going to get into race at length. Or any other real world issue for that matter. Because you’ve made your blog just as someone in the edublogosphere prescribed: edu-tech here, ed policy there, a response to the latest trend sprinkled in. You’re doing well for yourself and your readers skyrocket. The only controversy […]

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What The Hell Do I Know?

December 9, 2010 Jose
Kanye West Shrug (feat. Taylor Swift), VMAs

To my most fervent readers, Despite whatever any of you think about my prolificity, I rarely get into discussions about war, poverty, and education in person unless I’m absolutely prompted. One time, some of my colleagues talked about some students as potential crack babies due to their erratic behavior. As they laughed and scoffed, I […]

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Dear President Obama: The Education Voice Needs A Better Song

March 21, 2010 Jose
President Obama in School

This week, I’ll be highlighting the voices of a few, proud, and dedicated bloggers who have an awesome voice and passion for this discussion about education. Please join me as I step back and let these powerful voices speak. Tonight, I give a preamble of sorts. Dear President Barack Obama, This week is the most […]

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