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What The Hell Do I Know?

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To my most fervent readers, Despite whatever any of you think about my prolificity, I rarely get into discussions about war, poverty, and education in person unless I’m absolutely prompted. One time, some of my colleagues talked about some students as potential crack babies due to their erratic behavior. As they laughed and scoffed, I carefully told them that, despite …

President Obama in School

Dear President Obama: The Education Voice Needs A Better Song

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This week, I’ll be highlighting the voices of a few, proud, and dedicated bloggers who have an awesome voice and passion for this discussion about education. Please join me as I step back and let these powerful voices speak. Tonight, I give a preamble of sorts. Dear President Barack Obama, This week is the most important week of your legacy. …

Barack Obama at School

At The End of the Day [The Letters Series]

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This week, I’m writing a few more letters to different people, whose names shall be removed from the post, but who nonetheless are amalgamations of real characters. I won’t be mincing words this week, and in these letters, I hope to address some issues I find in education as a whole through these letters. If need be, I’ll apologize later. …

Michael Jackson's Moonwalker

Letter: Man In The Mirror

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Dear Michael Jackson, First, let me say that I’m deeply saddened by your death. Your passing ranks up there in the moments where people had to remember where they were standing when they heard the news. On a day when a fellow 70’s-80’s icon in Farrah Fawcett died and so did Ed McMahon, the news of you dying seems to …

Barack Obama, Lincoln, Experience

Before You Become President (Dear Barack Obama)

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Dear President-Elect Barack Obama (or whoever handles your mail), Like you, I’m just one man A writer with a vision, a community organizer with dreams Of an America where my President and Governer are Black in skin Wise in their decisions Vigilant in his ways Persistent in his pursuit of justice To do right by the American people But sometimes …