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Everyday Above Ground is a Good One

January 8, 2008 Jose

Apparently, I’m going to the National Council of Teachers for Mathematics National Conference in April. I don’t know if you heard, but I’m kind of a big deal … . I hope to see some of you who are teachers there as well. I’ll be the sharply dressed dude listening to Malcolm Gladwell. Today, I […]

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The Great Dissenters

January 3, 2008 Jose

A certain unease across the school has settled in and has taken a life of its own. It’s similar to that poltergeist we keep hearing about in scary movies: inaudible yet palpable, invisible yet uncanny. With all the people who walk around the school like phantasms anyways, we start our séances in the teachers’ lounges, […]

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L’Chayim: I Wish For You 100 Years of Success, But It’s My Time

December 30, 2007 Jose

Ah yes, a year in review, and how better to end the year than the same way I started it: discussing the things I learned. I’m always reflective, and always seeking new answers to the lessons and questions life teaches me on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis. Maybe someday I’ll walk in a path […]

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Would You Take My Picture?

December 18, 2007 Jose

I tried my best to impress Sue of SpeechTeach, since I asked to be tagged to this meme. As far as who’s tagged after this, I pick you, and you, and you, and you … Scroll over the image to know what the image means. 1. Age at next birthday… 2. Place I would like […]

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I Realize …

December 11, 2007 Jose

I saw this on MySpace as a meme of some sort and I stole it. For my MySpace friends who’ve read my last “I Realize,” don’t worry: it’s brand new. I realize, for instance, that cursing in the blogosphere is not chic, but fuck it. I didn’t make the curses, but I’ll use them. I […]

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Tomorrow May Never Come

November 29, 2007 Jose

Today, I had an emotional and heart-wrenching day at the school. I’m still unclogging myself from the excess amounts of frozen margaritas, quesadillas, and shrimp I had at Mama Mexico last night, and a weird morning in which I waited until the very last minute to leave my house and take my hour-long ride on […]

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