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The Traveling Prayer

September 14, 2007 Jose

Thanks everyone for your prayers and thoughts. I finally arrived to Florida after a somewhat long trip here. I had a short stop at Washington, DC, and of course, I had to wait a while before someone picked me up. It was weird. We headed directly to the hospital, and when I saw him, I was in […]

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And I Wonder …

September 12, 2007 Jose

“Find your dreams come true And I wonder if you know What it means To find your dreams …” I’ve been forced to do a lot of reflection as far as my father’s terrible health right now. The growth I’ve gone through since I’ve seen him has been tremendous. I don’t think I’ve gone through […]

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A Dish Best Served Well

September 11, 2007 Jose

Man, it’s been a crazy weekend. Unfortunately, I can’t go into specifics, but it’s all accumulating with my father’s worsening health. (If you know how to decrypt, then this is the post for you.) It’s been astonishing to see the feedback I’ve gotten about him, especially with the mixed relationships his children have with him. […]

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Flash Flood Warning

September 10, 2007 Jose

The G_d around me and not the G_d I am tapped twice on my shoulder before the storm hit In rumbles calling for home sanctuary You must rest, that G_d said I laughed, for the tempest brewed up Free merriment Mid-Manhattan debauchery with workers of the same Taxing Grey And promising Edifice of scholarly promise […]

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Walk On Water

September 6, 2007 Jose

When it comes to my principles, I didn’t tell them who I quoted from, but I had a discussion around them. What’s great about these principles is that I get to discuss them while secretly learning more about who they are as people and as students. I tested their ability to follow procedures and respect […]

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Peanuts Have To Shower, Too

August 26, 2007 Jose

Yesterday, I had the wonderful opportunity to be part of my friend AnnMary’s baby shower. I wish I took pictures, but I swear to you, there are enough picture takers at that party that those pictures will suffice. Now I would love to tell you all the details, but really it was just a time […]

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