And The Levee Was Gone …

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I just got back from New Orleans, after a delay with the airport shuttle (taxis are so indispensable), a delayed flight from NO to Charlotte, and then another from there to NYC-LaGuardiA. I won’t even tell you the airline’s name, but I’m wary about doing business with them again after all of that. Fortunately, one of my greatest qualities is …

Jose VilsonAnd The Levee Was Gone …

U, Black Maybe

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“I guess in his mind, though, there’s no doubt as to what I am. Suffice it to say, people immediately peg me as “Black.” That’s fine; there’s nothing wrong with that. What’s unfortunate, though, is how limiting these labels become. What does it mean to be Black in this country? And does it allow for people who don’t necessarily fit right in that slot?”

Jose VilsonU, Black Maybe

Simpsellent and A-Roids

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I just got back from a really good rendering of the TV-to-silver screen movie The Simpsons Movie, and it was awesome. It fulfilled its enormous expectations, and I’m really happy. This could have been an absolute bomb like so many TV-to-movie movies are, but no. I’d rather not give any spoilers here, though I’m sure they aren’t hard to find …

Jose VilsonSimpsellent and A-Roids

I Remember When … (School Edition)

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Today, after class, I saw one of my girls from my school. She’s the one that gave me the “Man of the Year” award, which I more than appreciated. We had a nice long conversation about everything from why the hell I would even put that out on the Web to the boy she’s dating (a kid who I consider …

Jose VilsonI Remember When … (School Edition)

About My Blog: Notes of Interest

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Back when I started blogging my life away back in 2003, I never thought I’d actually continue it with the intention of addressing issues of interest to me. I felt it was more a personal thought journal, something I’d use to emulate the last sequences in Doogie Howser M.D. since I didn’t have his word processing program on my computer. …

Jose VilsonAbout My Blog: Notes of Interest

More or Less

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Many of you are familiar with Talib Kweli the artist. Since the days of Black Star, he’s blossomed into a premier face for hip-hop music. Unfortunately, because of the topics he discusses (politics, hip-hop, and urban community issues are among his favorites), he’s often type casted for a niche audience. What that usually means is that artists him, Immortal Technique, …

Jose VilsonMore or Less

Teacher By Day, Everything Else By Night

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A common misconception amongst those that have had a math teacher is that they have no lives or aspirations outside of the classroom. Their second bias is that we know nothing about any other subject area except for math, to which I often need to sound a big buzzer. Math teachers, unfortunately, are often the most pegged into their subjects, …

Jose VilsonTeacher By Day, Everything Else By Night

Sons and Daughters

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On Wednesday, during the afternoon homeroom period, a couple of my boys were walking with girls’ shoes in their hands. I didn’t understand why until I saw one of my girls walking into my classroom with her socks on. I put on my teacher face and pulled the three boys out of the classroom who I suspected. Little did I …

Jose VilsonSons and Daughters

Love, Reign O’er Me

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Alex Rodriguez comes up to bat against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, bottom of the 8th with the bases loaded, and I’m yelling at the screen like, “PLEASE! Oh my G_D no! They’re gonna boo him, and he’s going to blow it.” I shut my eyes for a bit and went back to my writing as A-Rod struck out in …

Jose VilsonLove, Reign O’er Me