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Everything Man

August 24, 2007 Jose

As if you didn’t know, I am fully in support of Talib’s latest effort, Eardrum. For the most part, it’s hot as hell. Don’t believe me, though; read the article I wrote for Right now, my favorite tracks are it might be much easier to list the tracks I’m not a fan of. 1. […]

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Not Too Far To Go

August 19, 2007 Short Notes

Before I even continue, I’d like to show my support for Talib’s upcoming effort, Eardrum. I recently wrote about Talib’s artistry in this blog as well as fellow rapper Common’s ascendancy on BlogCritics. I swear he’s come out with 3-4 videos for this album, but I honestly believe his latest video for “Hot Thing” is […]

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Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, A, B, Select, and Start

August 17, 2007 Jose

They say men actually have a 6 in 10 chance of having a “successful” conversation with a woman. As a mathematician, I looked at that stat and said, “Well that means, because there’s tons of men and tons of women, that there’s a HUGE group of people that are pushing down the average of all […]

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The Eyes of the Devil

August 14, 2007 Jose

I made this little picture (which is click-able for full view) after I swear I saw the devil right in front of me. One of the scariest moments we’ll ever encounter as teachers is when we see the devil in the eyes of the people who are supposed to help our children. We can tell […]

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Hot Town, Summer in the City

August 12, 2007 Short Notes

The latest weather in NYC makes me pose one question: “What the f*** is this?!” On one end of the week, I was in New Orleans, where it was hot for the most part, but soon turned to blistering when the humidity almost made my traveling partner and I collapse in our margaritas. On the […]

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Sh**, G_ddamn, Get Off Your @ss and Write

August 10, 2007 Jose

Much of my effort for the last 3 weeks or so has been geared towards my blogging, an extension of my article writing / column writing ambitions. That’s also means my poetry, my one true love, has been neglected for some time. I wrote a couple of pieces here and there on this blog, but […]

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