Saying It When No One Else Will

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Yes, I’m going to pop my colla just a smidget. I never really guest-posted before. So what did I do? I asked Nezua what’s up with his guest-posting. He hollers back, letting some of us give our perspective. Check it: The Forever After: “Barack Obama isn’t just a man in isolation or the man who’ll lead this country for the …

Jose VilsonSaying It When No One Else Will
Elton John's "Yellow Brick Road"

Short Notes: I Live For This

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A few links: Problogger has the most comments I’ve ever seen for one post. Awesome on all ends. Electronic Village presents a video on Barack, Curtis, and the perception of manhood in the Black community. Cute babies at Boing Boing plead their innocence. They swear they’re not terrorists. You be the judge. The families of Brandon McClellan (Black man who …

Jose VilsonShort Notes: I Live For This

The Cool Kids And Me

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Guy Kawasaki recently put me onto this website called, a magazine type of site, that aggregates some of the great websites / blogs out there … and now I’m included in that list. Pretty cool all things considered. The concept for the site itself is pretty cool as well. For a demo on what I mean, check this out. …

Jose VilsonThe Cool Kids And Me

Yes, I’m Still Gonna Blog

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I just finished a PowerPoint for a presentation I need to do tomorrow for that big project that everyone / no one knows about. Even on vacay, I can’t go on vacay. It’s just not possible. However, I’ve been listening to some excellent music, drinking some quality beer, and learning and interacting with more people every single day. With that …

Jose VilsonYes, I’m Still Gonna Blog
Afeni and 2Pac

Short Notes: My Plan Is To Show You That I Understand

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A few notes: 1. I’m back to health mostly. It feels good, especially after taking the day off on Friday to handle that. I needed a little breather to finish out the year strong, and I wasn’t coming into work to spread my cold on anyone. Thankfully I think I’m ready for tomorrow’s challenges. 2. A pretty heated discussion popped …

Jose VilsonShort Notes: My Plan Is To Show You That I Understand