Saying It When No One Else Will

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Yes, I’m going to pop my colla just a smidget. I never really guest-posted before. So what did I do? I asked Nezua what’s up with his guest-posting. He hollers back, letting some of us give our perspective. Check it: The Forever After: “Barack Obama isn’t just a man in …

Elton John's "Yellow Brick Road"

Short Notes: I Live For This

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A few links: Problogger has the most comments I’ve ever seen for one post. Awesome on all ends. Electronic Village presents a video on Barack, Curtis, and the perception of manhood in the Black community. Cute babies at Boing Boing plead their innocence. They swear they’re not terrorists. You be …

The Cool Kids And Me

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Guy Kawasaki recently put me onto this website called, a magazine type of site, that aggregates some of the great websites / blogs out there … and now I’m included in that list. Pretty cool all things considered. The concept for the site itself is pretty cool as well. …


Yes, I’m Still Gonna Blog

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I just finished a PowerPoint for a presentation I need to do tomorrow for that big project that everyone / no one knows about. Even on vacay, I can’t go on vacay. It’s just not possible. However, I’ve been listening to some excellent music, drinking some quality beer, and learning …