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I started off the morning with a heavy dose of Stevie Wonder and Aventura, a random sampling of love songs I have on my iPod just to pass the time on the train. The building is super-silent at the time I get in there, perfect for getting my mind and papers ready for the 8am start. About 55 minutes later, the din grows into a chatter, then a squeal and sneaker screeches. School begins with adults ushering children into classes. When I step out in the hallway, the pinks and reds worn by children and teachers dominate the blue and green paint pervasive in our hallways. Girls with heart-patterned gift bags and roses, and boys secretly tucking their chocolate boxes in the bags, all try to find their pseudo-paramours before they get into their first period class.

As I walk down this hallway, one of my student ambassadors walks by with a bouquet of roses. When I noticed her, I immediately joked, “Oh, for me? You shouldn’t have!” Kids usually reply to that with a tucking away and stiff arm about two feet in front of them just to make sure we don’t get any ideas about touching their gift. Today was different.

“Actually, one of them is for you, but I gotta find a way to get this one out.”

“You know I was just kidding right?”

“Yeah, but seriously, one of them is for you. Actually, it’s this one right here.”

Um, what? I blinked rapidly for a second, then said, “Take care of all your other people first.”

When I went back to my office, I got back to work on a few things when, true to her word, she handed me a dark pinkish rose. I said, “Thank you.” She said, “You’re welcome,” and went on her merry way.

Now, I don’t normally show emotion during school to be honest. Having a professional manner and attire more than makes up for my occasional disorganization ["I know where everything is, but you might not."], and keeping a little bit of extra distance from the students you serve assures that we clearly delineates the roles we play in school. [READ MORE]

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Recently, I’ve been going over exponents with my students for the big math state test next week. Not sure if it was the chalk hitting my nose or the positivity I’ve surrounded myself with, but I’ve been thinking lots about this idea of love. Thus, I was prompted to put out this thought a couple of days ago:

Love is the base, not the exponent.

Here’s my reasoning:

Let’s assume the value of love you have is greater than 1 (love being a variable), and that your exponent is the amount of people in your circle of influence (you can have positive or negative people, in character of course). I figure that the more love a person has for oneself, and the more positive people there are around that person, the more love there is to spread around and about. So, let’s say your love rating is 1.25, a small increment of love barely approaching love for anyone else. Well, if there are three positive people in your life (1.25 ^ 3), your love factor approaches 2 (1.953125 to be exact.) If you’ve got a love rating of 10, and four positive people to share that with, that’s enough to shoot your love rating to 10,000.

Love really grows quickly, and a collective always multiplies love, not just adds.

Let’s take some of the special cases for this theorem, ones that I find rather interesting.

If you’ve only got a love rating of one (or “one love,”), then no matter how many people, positive or negative, you have around you, then you’ll always that one love, and it will always be positive. But it can’t grow until you increase how much love you have for anyone.

Similarly, no matter how much love you got for yourself (where love can be any number you like), if the amount of people privy to that love is 0, then indeed it stays one love.

Consider: if you have any love for yourself (love > 1), but negative people all around you, then you still have positive amounts of love, but it dwindles the more negative people you have around you. It never reaches zero, and thus, there is hope.

Now, for my math folk out there, I still haven’t considered the case where love is greater than zero but less than one because most of what I just said works exactly the opposite, but I think one of my math whizzes will get it together.

Not quite QED yet, but this much is certain: love isn’t just something we can keep to ourselves, though it’s important to have lots of self-love. In a time where many of us are celebrating the lack of life rather than reflecting, we have to spread peace and love wherever possible. It’s equally important to find sources of self-worth and care in order to do that. Love should be everyone’s base, and really, that’s where it all starts.

Where is your source of love? Did my love theorem make sense to anyone else? I hope so.

Jose, who’s really self-reflective …


You Are Loved

by Jose Vilson on February 14, 2011

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Love Books

To Whom It May Concern,

You’re pissed off at the idea of Valentine’s Day because you have no one to share it with. You rationalize your anger for this day by saying it has little merit, only deepens personal debt, and makes single people aware of their own solitude. You reminisce about a love you once had, but never fully healed from. You seek redemption in the form of another person’s favors or creating chemical imbalances whenever possible. You abuse your friends by casting doubts on their own happiness. You lose yourself in your tribulations because it’s easier than facing the truth staring at you in the mirror. You won’t give love a chance to come into your fortress because you’ve built the walls high enough that the outside can’t scare you anymore. You debase your relationships into what you can get and lower the standard of what you do get. You confuse an extended arm for a swing and a strike. You confuse attention for your vitriol for caring and attention. You make people work hard to care about you because that’s what’s been passed down to you from generations of embittered family members. You misconstrue gender roles to benefit your own impertinence. You’re so hurt. And you don’t have to be.

You are loved.

Jose, just reminding you …


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