My Love For School [And My Rancor For The System It’s In]

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I started off the morning with a heavy dose of Stevie Wonder and Aventura, a random sampling of love songs I have on my iPod just to pass the time on the train. The building is super-silent at the time I get in there, perfect for getting my mind and papers ready for the 8am start. About 55 minutes later, the din grows into a chatter, then a squeal and …

Love Is The Base, Not The Exponent (A Theorem Semi-Proven)

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Recently, I’ve been going over exponents with my students for the big math state test next week. Not sure if it was the chalk hitting my nose or the positivity I’ve surrounded myself with, but I’ve been thinking lots about this idea of love. Thus, I was prompted to put out this thought a couple of days ago: Love is the base, not the exponent. Here’s my reasoning: Let’s assume …

You Are Loved

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To Whom It May Concern, You’re pissed off at the idea of Valentine’s Day because you have no one to share it with. You rationalize your anger for this day by saying it has little merit, only deepens personal debt, and makes single people aware of their own solitude. You reminisce about a love you once had, but never fully healed from. You seek redemption in the form of another …

Jay-Z and Beyonce

On Commitment

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I caved. After dodging some calamitous trends and memes in the social media world, I let people “inbox” me their questions, hoping no one would ask me anything too off-kilter. In previous exercises, people have done everything from asking me to predict their futures to openly wondering why I didn’t want to meet up with them. I squirmed internally and gave the most appropriate response possible (and haven’t tried to …

Ice Cube and Chris Tucker, Friday

Protect Your Neck [Or, Don’t Get Caught Up, Guys]

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On this sunny, brisk day, two young shapely women in well-fitting sweatpants walk past me to my left. Concentrated on getting my bookshelves together, I didn’t think to turn around and do what most men do given such a situation. The guy with his girl in front of me, however, found some longer-lasting misfortunes doing what I didn’t do. “I ain’t mad at you checking them out,” she said. I …

Lady GaGa, "Telephone" Video

The Manhood Series: 8 Great Reasons Why She’s Not Calling Back

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For more from my Manhood Series, please check this tag. Have a great read! If the first words that come out of my mouth are “He didn’t really say that!”, chances are I’m talking to a friend of mine about a some guy who threw her terrible lines. My face either looks like someone’s head just exploded or someone laid the worst gas possible and the room lit up. I’m …

21 Gun Salute

Lay Down Your Arms, Give Up The Fight (You and I)

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Many of us live in an anarchist revision of love, hoping to understand its structures while simultaneously rationalizing why they just won’t work for us (and in many cases, trying to destroy previously conceived notions!) It’s amazing that any of us fall in love at all, or even attempt to understand this synecdochical emotion wrought with emotions, as if there is only one side to love. There’s certainly a side to …

Holding Hands

She Will Be Loved

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It’s easy to sit here, Clasped hands Staring eyes, Inclement weather, Winds rustling our jackets every which way In front of a fluorescent building sometime closer to midnight than mid-day That three letter phrase tauted so heavily By romantics and lunatics alike That swelling in my chest and the screaming of the conscience to make things right With thoughts that she, Whose tales range from broken hearts and wounded soldiers …

How To Heal A Broken Heart

My Not-So-Funny Actually Quite Tragic Valentine [The Love Below Series]

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Before my days in college (man, I loved college), I really didn’t much success with the ladies. And by not that much, I mean there was a recession of immense proportions. I looked around and watch my friends talk about female orifices and their indexes feeling on the softest, roundest female bottoms ever. Me? Not quite. I had a chance encounter in Dominican Republic back when I was 10 (I’ve …

Black Father, Son, Shaving

We Get It From Our Papa [The Love Below Series]

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This is the third post on love, commemorating that yearly event that happens on the 14th. Today, I’ll get a little into my own background without saying too much. I’ll try not to get too deep into family, but I’ll give a little context for the ideas I’m laying out. I hope to represent these ideas accurately. As a child, I often admired my father: a goateed, handsome Black man …