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No More Heroes

March 8, 2010 Jose
Superman Dies

Last week, the whole world found out that Guru a.k.a. Keith Elam of the world-renown hip-hop duo Gang Starr had (ostensibly) died of a recent heart attack he suffered the day before. Entertainment bloggers reported it. Wikipedia reported it. Celebrities who are usually in the know said it. Then, I typed up a dedication to […]

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Malcolm X [An Awesome Case Study For The Difference Between Schooling and Education]

February 22, 2010 Jose
Young Malcolm X

I hate case studies. A lot. They’re beautiful for story-telling and quirky books we can keep, like oral traditions and love poems. I just don’t find case studies particularly engaging. Yes, people can manipulate statistics ’til their face turns indigo, but people can hyperbolize the effect of one or two people without making sure that […]

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Short Notes: Build Your Own Independence v.2010

February 21, 2010 Short Notes
Malcolm X, "Our Freedom Can't Wait!"

A suggestion on building your own independence in the new decade, but first, a few notes: If you didn’t catch my interview in American Latino TV, check it out. Discussions about Latinos and education ensue. [American Latino] Jeff Pearlman threw me this interview with Roger Ebert, who’s found new life as a voice of his […]

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Short Notes: A Tortoise, A Hare, and The Human Condition

March 16, 2008 Short Notes

It isn’t that I’m a hater, because I am, but sometimes I observe things that I would just love to point out. 1. I hate when someone calls themselves The Black [insert cultural icon here]. The Black Barbie, Madonna, Al Pacino, Brad Pitt, Joe Schmoe, or whoever the hell else everyone wants to emulate really […]

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My Ballot or My Bullet

February 7, 2008 Jose
Malcolm X in Blue

      Shocked? Bewildered? You shouldn’t be. Outside of Dennis Kucinich, I haven’t been impressed with any of the candidates really. I’ve disbanded myself from all political parties, and frankly, I’m disenchanted with all the choices I have now, which leads me to this: “We must understand the politics of our community and we […]

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