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The Manhood Series: What I’ve Learned About Manhood Thus Far

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It’s no secret that this manhood series that been intensely personal for me. After reading the latest Esquire issue from cover to cover (June  July 2010 featuring Tom Cruise), I decided to engage in an exercise entitled “What I’ve Learned: Jon Farveau.” I can’t say I’ve had the same life experience or years as the famous actor and director. I …

Jose VilsonThe Manhood Series: What I’ve Learned About Manhood Thus Far
Denzel Washington and Viola Davis in Fences

The Manhood Series: The Other Denzel Principle

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Manhood is one of those topics in the Black community that’s often discussed but rarely put in context. Consider the following: Denzel Washington, whose street credibility and Hollywood status is never questioned, has evolved into an actor whose mentioned in the same sentence as Al Pacino and Robert Deniro, and without the word “not” in the middle. Like those actors, …

Jose VilsonThe Manhood Series: The Other Denzel Principle

I Am A Man

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On Saturday, NYC Educator posted an interesting speech, and here it goes: At first, when watching this video, I grimaced. How does a teacher get to the point where they have to use such terse language for a student who’s less than 1/2 his age? For that matter, it almost seems excessive when we hear the n-word used like a …

Jose VilsonI Am A Man

No, You Man Up!

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Today, I had a coverage for a gym teacher in the gym, a coverage I’ll take any day since I get to spend time with my students and I get to play a little basketball (hopefully and implicitly teaching them about sportsmanship and teamwork along the way). After sweating it out for about a period and a 1/2, I went …

Jose VilsonNo, You Man Up!