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Imagine if you asked me to be the people’s speaker at today’s commemoration of the 50th anniversary on the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. Here’s some of what I would say.

“As an educator, I view the world through math, and the numbers look grim today. Unemployment still knocks the doors of too many of our poorest brothers and sisters while we lend out our collective fortune to investors who won’t invest in us. Incarceration rates have broken many a home and steered our most disenfranchised through revolving doors, ones that our country refuse to shut down. Our young people live through different justice systems, ones that depend on the color of their skin and the looseness of their threads. We are all human, all worth the skins, the minds, and the hearts that make us.”

Please read, comment, and share my speech at The Huffington Post.

Have a great weekend. If you’re gearing up for the school year, good luck!


Short Notes: Of Dreams and Nightmares

by Jose Vilson on August 25, 2013

in Short Notes

March on Washington, 1963

March on Washington, 1963

A few notes:


A short note:

There’s good news, and then there’s bad news. I’ll give you the bad first:

I’m scaling back the writing here for a couple of months.

The good news:

I handed in a revised version of This Is Not A Test, my upcoming book, today. I’m trying to make the book that best represents this journey we’ve taken together. This will be awesome.

I also have to do tons of writing for my Edutopia / CTQ spaces, and a guest feature in a new space you’ll see sometime this week. I won’t spoil the surprise. In the meantime, thank you for all of your support.

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See you Tuesday!

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