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Short Notes: A Cautionary Tale for Edubloggers

June 9, 2013 Short Notes
Arundhati Roy

A few notes: The New York Daily News wants you to nominate teachers for their Hometown Heroes award. Start your engines, ladies and gentlemen. [NY Daily News] If you’re sick of the “disruption” talk surrounding technology, specifically education, then read this paper by Audrey Watters. Another hit. [Hack Education] Peter DeWitt writes an interview, and […]

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My Philosophy On Math Pedagogy, And Other Tidbits [Edutopia]

March 21, 2013 Mr. Vilson

Here’s an excerpt from my latest at Edutopia (including a diss on Robert Marzano and the like). It’s about engaging math teachers: Keep This Rule of Thumb: Complete, Consistent, Correct By “complete, consistent, correct,” I mean we should allow multiple pathways to a correct answer that a) allow for full understanding of a given procedure, […]

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Why Learning Math Is Political

October 23, 2012 Jose

For my own professional development, I picked up the book Radical Equations: Math Literacy and Civil Rights by Robert Moses. The book equates the struggles Moses had with developing voter representations amongst the most underrepresented in the South with developing math knowledge / pedagogy into the curriculum in America’s classrooms. Observe: So algebra, once solely […]

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Teaching Exponents In Eighth Grade, Part 1: [Old To The Now]

September 11, 2012 Mr. Vilson
India Power Outage

Every so often, I’m inserting some posts on pedagogy, especially for those of us who aren’t as math-inclined. If you find this helpful, just let me know in the comments. Today, I’m differentiating between the old way I used to prepare the students for a lesson on exponents and the way I do it now. […]

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Great. Another Non-Math Person Complaining About Algebra.

July 30, 2012 Mr. Vilson

Holy cow, Andrew Hacker. Shut up! OK, that was a bit harsh. Warranted, but harsh. Say what you want to, but lower your voice a few decibels. Frankly, I didn’t care much for your rhetorical question, but you had to write it in the New York Times, adding a semblance of legitimacy (if not outrage) […]

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Stay In Your Lane [A Math Teacher's Lament]

March 27, 2012 Mr. Vilson

Why do people stigmatize math teachers? It’s bad enough we teach people that they’re either math people or they’re not (patent lie, I promise you). Now, we’re even limiting math teachers to the fields in which they can excel. They stereotype (!) math teachers as having hobbies like playing piano (fractions!) and read xkcd (might […]

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