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Love Is The Base, Not The Exponent (A Theorem Semi-Proven)

May 2, 2011 Jose

Recently, I’ve been going over exponents with my students for the big math state test next week. Not sure if it was the chalk hitting my nose or the positivity I’ve surrounded myself with, but I’ve been thinking lots about this idea of love. Thus, I was prompted to put out this thought a couple […]

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Finding A Needle in A Stack of Needles: A Solution to the Racial Achievement Gap

April 25, 2011 Jose

In the category of “Yes, That Makes Complete Sense,” David Kirp of The LA Times reported that scientists have figured out a 1-hour “fix” for our most disadvantaged students: encourage them while they do it. Combined with the latest article from The New York Times regarding Jump Math, this piece almost made me smack the […]

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Creativity Is Almost Dead … and Non-Educators Want To Kill It

January 18, 2011 Jose
Double Reading Rainbow

After posting a few crosswalk documents between the New York State math standards and The Common Core Standards on this site and at my place of employ, I’ve been very involved in understanding how these mandated national standards will transform our way of teaching students, and how we need to get parents and students involved […]

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The Idea of Race As A Number Line

November 14, 2010 Jose

I recently had the delightful experience of hanging out with the alumni of Nativity Mission Center, the Lower East Side based Catholic middle school, most of whom I only get to see once a year at these events. This time felt different in a good way; most of their discussion was around my blog and […]

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Unit Plan on Percents

September 28, 2010 Jose

I’ll write something meatier later, but here’s my unit plan for percents. Use it however you like. Comment as you need to. Tell me what you think. I’m using it as  guide for the lesson plans I’m creating day-to-day, hoping the other teachers help me create the next unit using this template. Won’t you join […]

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Rest Elbows on Table, Insert Chin Into Hands (Pick Your Head Up Afterwards)

August 4, 2010 Jose

This is the reason I don’t like reading the papers in NYC. They’re either filled with information I’ve already read, information that’s misinformation, or information I just shake my head at. This time around, it was the third. And I didn’t even have my usual sources of news to inform me immediately of Sunday’s NY […]

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