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Bloomberg Is The System

June 25, 2012 Jose

Today, Greg Kristof of the Huffington Post reported that Michael Bloomberg has announced that he wants to have schools call up parents and deliver teacher evaluations directly to parents. This comes on the heels of the passing of a bill that clearly delineates guidelines for parent-school interaction when it comes to teacher evaluations. Michael Bloomberg, […]

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Eww. Seriously. That Is So Gross. (Education Reform Put To The Test)

January 31, 2012 Jose
Eww. Seriously? So Gross. (GEICO Commercial)

Ever have a baby sleeping right on your stomach when you see a hilarious commercial and you’re trying to suppress your laughter which only makes you laugh harder? That was the premise for tonight when I watched this Geico commercial about a guy who uses some popular girls from the local high school to help […]

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The Shakes, For Real

August 23, 2011 Jose
Mayor Mike Bloomberg of NYC with Mayor Boris Johnson of London

This afternoon, I posted the following joke on my Facebook: If school was in session, Bloomberg wouldn’t close schools. Around lunchtime, he’d say, “Let them have shakes.” I jest. Well, for the most part. Surprisingly, there was no announcement from our mayor on anything. NYC Educator might quip here that he’s probably having lunch somewhere […]

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The Less Experience, The Better

November 9, 2010 Jose

I get it. The less experience and qualifications you have as an educational policy leader, the better. If you can play good defense and set nice picks, you’re qualified for the US Secretary of Education. If you’re part anti-Microsoft lawyer and part CEO of a random arm of a corporation, you can be chancellor of […]

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The Education Boogey-Men

April 14, 2010 Jose
Ghost Busters vs. Stay Puff

Over the last few years, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting educational innovators and thought leaders from throughout the country, people who I either admire for their awesomeness or have pushed my thinking in ways I hadn’t thought of. People like the Teacher Leaders Network and my folks on Facebook and Twitter offer conversations I […]

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King Bloomberg and My Unrepentant Contradictions

November 3, 2009 Jose
Michael Bloomberg

I’m living in a weird spot right now. I’m a die-hard Yankees fan who has a hard time supporting the construction of a stadium that, from within and without, stratified the rich and the poor and is supported by the one man who embraces that stratification like the millions of dollars he’s gained indirectly through […]

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