Short Notes: We Are Powerful Beyond Measure

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A few notes: I’ll be writing lots on the Future of Teaching blog. Here’s my first offering of the week, a congratulatory note for Dr. John Holland. [Future of Teaching] We need you to take action. If you’re against the continuing proliferation of testing, please sign. Thank you! [AFT] What does it mean to be an authentic leader? This also works for anyone looking for authenticity in their work. [Harvard …

Michael Jackson, Moonwalker

Short Notes: Do You Believe In Me? ‘Cause I Believe In You (Help Me Sing It)

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A few links: Part 2 of the Take Notes series, where yours truly discusses the idea of Latinoness and Spanish. Does one really need to speak Spanish to be Latino? [MiBodegaOnline] How do you understand value? [Echo Enduring] How rich do you think you are? The answer might surprise you. [Global Rich List] A good list of Black-Latinos on the rise. (and no it doesn’t include me) [Amplify] If you …

Heath Ledger

Augmented Reality

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In the latest edition of Esquire Magazine (yes, I read Esquire, at least once a year, particularly their end of the year specials), Stephen Marche has an article entitled, “A Thousand Words About Our Culture: Aren’t We Enjoying All This Death A Little Too Much?” In it, he analyzes this idea of celebrity death, its permutations, significance, and manifestations in 2009. In general, his point is two-fold: we make celebrities …

Ed McMahon

Short Notes: Blame It On The Boogie Edition

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For some reason, that title just sounded right. A few notes: I really don’t miss school right now. So say my feet, which are having a great time not having to work 12 hours straight. Everyday Math representatives keep trying to tell parents who have to deal with the math themselves that Everyday Math is the appropriate solution for all their children’s learning. Barry Garelick differs (good read from top …

Michael Jackson's Moonwalker

Letter: Man In The Mirror

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Dear Michael Jackson, First, let me say that I’m deeply saddened by your death. Your passing ranks up there in the moments where people had to remember where they were standing when they heard the news. On a day when a fellow 70’s-80’s icon in Farrah Fawcett died and so did Ed McMahon, the news of you dying seems to have washed away most news about Middle East and Asian …