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Play The Soloist

April 27, 2009 Jose
The Soloist

When your voice finds you, it doesn’t matter how you express it: your signature’s all over it. I write this because, after seeing The Soloist, a movie about a Los Angeles-based writer who finds a homeless cellist / prodigy and a must-watch for any writer I know, I’ve given tons of thought about where to […]

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Now on Got Biggie?

March 10, 2009 Jose
Biggie, the King

Dead and Alive: Why Biggie Deserves to Still Be In Your Top Five I proffer 5 reasons why Biggie should be in everyone’s top 5 greatest MCs, dead or alive. Holla back.

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Even Pac and Big Wished for Better Dayz …

March 9, 2009 Jose
Biggie and 2Pac

I wrote this sometime in October 2008, but for whatever reason, people who I sent this to never actually published it. Some of the stuff I wrote in the original blog I’ve edited to fit my more informed views now, but the message remains the same. Please read and discuss below. Also, for more Biggie […]

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The JLV’s Top 5 Greatest vs. Top 5 Favorite MCs of All Time

January 22, 2009 Jose
Hip-Hop MC

On Facebook, I came across a slight problem that most hip-hop heads come across whenever a major hip-hop event happens (i.e. the release of Notorious, the movie): how do we qualify our short-list of greatest MCs and favorite MCs? I put up my thoughts to the masses and got a good 30+ responses, ranging from […]

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Short Notes: Vale La Pena (It’s Worth The Sorrow)

July 20, 2008 Short Notes
Juan Luis Guerra

1. I just love writing. I really do. No, no long reflections or juxtapositions. Just needed to get that out there. Lately, I’ve thought about what how happy writing makes me, even when my own writing here has become a subject of contention in different areas. My musings about life, love, and the pursuit of […]

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Feels So Good

July 17, 2008 Jose
Jose Vilson with Chuck Mangione

Humble. That’s the one word I would use for 2-time Grammy winning jazz artist, Chuck Mangione. He’s made the theme song for millions (no, really, he was commissioned to make the 1980 Winter Olympics song, “Give It All You Got,” instant classic), and has made (I’m guessing here) tons of money in the process. When […]

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Short Notes: Or You Got A Wicked Jump Shot

November 18, 2007

Sunday’s a great day to write these random thoughts: – Soul II Soul’s “Back To Life” is a really great song. I didn’t realize how dope it was until I went out last night and actually took a listen to it. I downloaded it off iTunes, and have it on my iPod nano a.k.a. “Knight […]

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