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Short Notes: Data Really Does Makes People Feel Comfortable

November 18, 2012 Short Notes

A few notes: NYC Educator discusses why teachers now more than ever should get a contract, in light of Hurricane Sandy. [NYC Educator] My main man Prof. Christopher Emdin and rapper The GZA (Wu-Tang) team up for a lesson on science. Wow. [New York Times] Angela Benton of the NewMeAccelerator speaks on asking the one […]

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Short Notes: Inspire The Next, Recognize The Present

October 21, 2012 Short Notes

A few notes: Relando Thompkins interviews a few of us for his People Who Inspire Me series. Read our dialogue. [Relando Thompkins] Facing History wants you to nominate teachers who’ve inspired you to speak out against injustice. More details here. [GOOD Magazine] NYC Educator demonstrates the value of a New York (presidential) vote. We can […]

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Short Notes: Educator’s Rights Tied To Women’s Rights, Again

September 16, 2012 Short Notes
Bill Clinton: Don't Hate, Calculate

A few notes: Erin Gloria Ryan shows three stupid ways to discuss the Chicago Teachers’ Strike. [Jezebel] The support / disapproval of the strike seem to lie across racial lines. If you’re surprised, read this. [The American Prospect via Alexander Russo] Remember when the terms “liberal” and “progressive” were synonymous? These five prove the shift. […]

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The New York Times and Why Adding More Educators To Your Panel Matters

August 21, 2012 Jose

Last year around this time, I criticized the New York Times for not having many K-12 educators on their panel. Excuse me, for having maybe three current teachers and another handful of former teachers out of a possible 70 panelists. I laughed at the prospect of a public education system without any educators, and my […]

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Great. Another Non-Math Person Complaining About Algebra.

July 30, 2012 Mr. Vilson

Holy cow, Andrew Hacker. Shut up! OK, that was a bit harsh. Warranted, but harsh. Say what you want to, but lower your voice a few decibels. Frankly, I didn’t care much for your rhetorical question, but you had to write it in the New York Times, adding a semblance of legitimacy (if not outrage) […]

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Why The New York Times Is Asking Me To Validate Myself

February 23, 2012 Jose

Not sure if you’ve heard, but, against their own wishes -ahem-, the NYC Department of Education is releasing their infamous Teacher Data Reports, a set of papers ostensibly compiling a teacher’s student scores on English and Math scores from 3rd to 8th grade to determine their effectiveness, normalizing scores for effects like poverty and growth. […]

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