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New York Times: Future Schools Don’t Have Many Teachers In Them

August 11, 2011 Jose
New York Times Headquarters

Setting the clock back to June 20th, 2011 … *** takes a break from ranting about the New York State Math Test, opens e-mail *** thinks to self: Hmm, this is interesting. A panel about schools of tomorrow by the New York Times. OK, I’m curious. Maybe I’ll get to go. Wait, on a school […]

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Distrust Agents [Pull Out The Highlighter For This One]

May 18, 2010 Jose
Firing Teachers

Believe it or not, 2009 is the first year I started using a highlighter for reading a book. Maybe it’s a sign of aging, or my acclimation to getting information fed to me rapidly and succinctly, but my difficulty with concentrating on anything larger than a paragraph has led me to the magic neon-saffron marker. […]

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