What I Learned At The City Hall / Gotham Schools Panel on Education

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Amazing that, in the midst of getting ready for school, I had enough time to get in an important policy panel today. Before it started, there was already lots of controversy, primarily with the preliminary list lacking teachers of any variety. Eventually, rumor had it that education professor Diane Ravitch declined her invitation to the panel because of the lack of teacher voice. After including Leo Casey and Stephen Lazar, …

New York Times Headquarters

New York Times: Future Schools Don’t Have Many Teachers In Them

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Setting the clock back to June 20th, 2011 … *** takes a break from ranting about the New York State Math Test, opens e-mail *** thinks to self: Hmm, this is interesting. A panel about schools of tomorrow by the New York Times. OK, I’m curious. Maybe I’ll get to go. Wait, on a school day? Who’s going to get to go? e-mails this to a set of interest folk. …