Shower (and Sleet) The People


Today was the Penny Harvest Field Day for my school, and I, along with the principal, assistant principal, and 14 Penny Harvesters from my school, went to go check out the Penny Field in Rockerfeller Center. When I tell you that the sight was amazing, I’d truly be understating the experience. From my own understanding, this might be the first …

Jose VilsonShower (and Sleet) The People

Short Notes: Luck Be A Lady Tonight

Short Notes Leave a Comment

A few notes: – If you ever wonder whether I reply to comments, yes, I do. Just check back on the post that you wrote in. Then again, I’ll also usually e-mail, too. After all these years (including the Xanga days), I’m still humbled by all the responses. – Tomorrow’s Pick Up Day for the Penny Harvest, and I’m very …

Jose VilsonShort Notes: Luck Be A Lady Tonight

Penny Harvest: Abe Lincolns Like Whoa


I hate to brag, but: “Mazel Tov! It’s a celebration, chickens! L’Chayim! I wish for you a hundred years of success, but it’s my time!” courtesy of Jay-Z from “Roc Boys” With little paper promotion (mostly word-of-mouth) and without a foundation for a Penny Harvest Committee until about 2 weeks in, my school collected approximately over 2,000 dollars. By my …

Jose VilsonPenny Harvest: Abe Lincolns Like Whoa

So Close I Can Taste It


I got some updates on Penny Harvest at my school: So far, the 8th grade has collected a good 150+ pounds of pennies. The 7th grade is at 250+. The 5th grade (a 4 class grade) is at 100 or so, and the 6th grade is almost at 400. In other words, we’re kicking butt and taking names. I understand …

Jose VilsonSo Close I Can Taste It

Penny Harvest Mania


Tomorrow’s the first Weigh-in at my school for Penny Harvest, the annual system-wide fundraising event for charities across the US sponsored by Common Cents. I’m anxious and excited all at once to see the turnout for the first week. It’s my first time coaching, but I seem to have already caused waves. (One of the organizers actually asked me about …

Jose VilsonPenny Harvest Mania

Penny Harvest Math


Ah, I’m taking a breather from politics. Not that I don’t like duking it out with different individuals on my beliefs, but because I like going over a variety of topics that find I find interesting. It was good to see how many of you responded to the last 2 posts (“A Synopsis on the Road Less Wanted” and “AfterNotes …

Jose VilsonPenny Harvest Math