Michael Jackson

Short Notes: I Like Living This Way, I Like Loving This Way

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A few links: Clay Burell makes his triumphant return to blogging with this random yet well-prosed musing about where he’s been for the last … ever. [Beyond School] Speaking of which, Clay pointed me to a great Seth Godin blog pointing out why you, yes you, need to stop complaining when you finally get a job that gets tough. [Seth Godin] Yes, you heard right: James Chartrand … is a …

Full Moon

A New Moon (My First Kiss)

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It’s been a long time since I’ve shared any work from the Acentos workshops on Sunday. I didn’t share this at the workshop because I got shy. Yes, I have that emotion in my arsenal. Follow: My first kiss was the sweetest “Shut the F*k Up” I’d ever gotten from the first of many curvy, sassy, infuriating, mostly-older women I’d ever met liplocked with this brotha with no way of …

Lady Gaga

Short Notes: 2Pac Will Never RIP, Lady GaGa, and Jamaica

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A few notes: 2Pac is a freakin’ legend. He’ll never truly rest in peace. He’ll always live on in the hearts and minds of those who were even so much as touched by his music. There, I said it. RIP means nothing for a man like that. The Acentos Workshop was really good. Can I share some? Why am I even asking? Of course, I’m going to share. As much …

Make You Whole

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“Make You Whole” by Jose Vilson © 2009 She gives him a look of absent fatalism Welds streams of release through her face’s fine crevices Blood surfaces just below her epidermis Flushing away the transparencies of her tears and her emotions She’s flawless, Nicks and bruises all along her curvatures Willing to walk into whirlwinds Chairs, desks, knives, shovels, and scales abound Cumulus clouds cross paths with the sun Like …

Wine and Bread


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Alas, the year is finally over for me. Today was my first official day off from school, and my feet, more than any other part of my body, have been thanking me for giving them some much needed rest. There are wars going on all across the world, dictatorships and coups reigning, unemployment reaching scary levels, global warming bringing its subtle tap on our shoulders to a pounding, and the …

Shut Up and Put Up

Decimas For The Poet In You

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These poems were birthed from a poetry workshop Tara Betts did as the featured facilitator for the Acentos group. Some of the poems I’ve been sharing over the last couple of weeks have come from that workshop. These are obviously all drafts, but check the rhyme anyways: The first is dedicated to people who won’t shut up. “Shut Up, In Decima” Just shut up for a quick second Let the …


I Was Never An Empty Cup (Consumer Beware)

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Another poem inspired by that crazy Acentos workshop last Sunday I keep talking about. Comment as you please. I was never an empty cup. I was never a lifelong experience before. I was never a sniffle, a sneeze, or a trifle. I was never a drip, a snip, or a clip. I was never a tumbleweed Bouncing through indicating dearth of life. I was never a fine. I was never …

Frida Kahlo's "Le Due Frida"

But I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

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I walked into the Acentos Poetry Workshop at Hostos Community College, weary from a series of events including incurring a nasty virus and having to teach teachers how to affirm their voices in front of children (something I’m struggling with), but also resolved to make become the master of my metaphorical Starship Enterprise without getting my ass whooped through a quarter of the whole movie. (Seriously, the new James Kirk …

Holding Hands

She Will Be Loved

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It’s easy to sit here, Clasped hands Staring eyes, Inclement weather, Winds rustling our jackets every which way In front of a fluorescent building sometime closer to midnight than mid-day That three letter phrase tauted so heavily By romantics and lunatics alike That swelling in my chest and the screaming of the conscience to make things right With thoughts that she, Whose tales range from broken hearts and wounded soldiers …

Teacher Qualifications

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Prepare to sacrifice 3/4ths of your day and your life to the world’s oldest profession Where the other fourth you’re wondering where the other 3/4ths went In a permanent classroom where your first name no longer means much In the hallway where everyone’s business becomes yours In the staircase where you can be yourself but not really In the home wondering where the bottom of the pile of papers lies …