Make You Whole

Jose Vilson Jose 2 Comments

“Make You Whole” by Jose Vilson © 2009 She gives him a look of absent fatalism Welds streams of release through her face’s fine crevices Blood surfaces just below her …

Wine and Bread


Jose Vilson Jose 4 Comments

Alas, the year is finally over for me. Today was my first official day off from school, and my feet, more than any other part of my body, have been …

Holding Hands

She Will Be Loved

Jose Vilson Jose 2 Comments

It’s easy to sit here, Clasped hands Staring eyes, Inclement weather, Winds rustling our jackets every which way In front of a fluorescent building sometime closer to midnight than mid-day …

Teacher Qualifications

Jose Vilson Jose 8 Comments

Prepare to sacrifice 3/4ths of your day and your life to the world’s oldest profession Where the other fourth you’re wondering where the other 3/4ths went In a permanent classroom …

Domestic Violence

No Evidence

Jose Vilson Jose 4 Comments

Pitch black shadows mixed with spots of artificial light The damp cement makes rubber tires woosh past us Umbrella clutched between me and my significant other A blink and a …

Starburst Cluster

A Dreamer

Jose Vilson Jose 4 Comments

Be still, the living and breathing of the night Dark as the other side of one’s eyelid And reflective as when I close them Imagination is at once a flick …