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Four Letters Down (I Come From)

July 18, 2010 Jose
Pedro Pietri

“Four Letters Down” (I Come From) by Jose Vilson (draft) But where I come from isn’t yours I come from disjointed alphabets, incongruent pronunciations of antique names, Burgundy stoned buildings arranged vertically, inorganically With pathways tight enough to hear the shrill screams of murder and mayhem But wide enough to feel like it’s not everyone’s […]

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Book Giveaway June 2010: Hija De Mi Madre by Carmen Mojica Fabian

May 26, 2010 Book Giveaway
Hija De Mi Madre by Carmen Mojica

Welcome back to my monthly book giveaway! < insert applause here > One of two books I’m giving away is Carmen Mojica Fabian’s Hija De Mi Madre, a poetry chapbook I’ll soon have on my bookshelf and I suggest others get that as well. I can tell you more about the book, but I’ll let […]

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On Why I Just Cannot Fathom Doing 30 Poems In 30 Days (NaPoWriMo)

April 19, 2010 Jose
Poet At His Desk

Hanging around poets, I often get random memes thrown in my direction. Sometimes, they’re simple writing prompts gathered from current events or some erudite writer, or “homework” from a workshop or a show I attended. I don’t always pay attention to them, but that’s often left to us to figure out. Then, around every April, […]

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For Reasons Beyond Me

February 24, 2010 Jose

“For Reasons Beyond Me” by me (first, and a very rough, draft) You’re not in my dreams anymore, Self-felicitating figment of  my imagination, Meet me at my torso Talk to me real slow Partition the convo like so Tell me all your perfect flaws Before we take a little pause Work on in this little […]

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Short Notes: I Like Living This Way, I Like Loving This Way

December 20, 2009 Short Notes
Michael Jackson

A few links: Clay Burell makes his triumphant return to blogging with this random yet well-prosed musing about where he’s been for the last … ever. [Beyond School] Speaking of which, Clay pointed me to a great Seth Godin blog pointing out why you, yes you, need to stop complaining when you finally get a […]

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A New Moon (My First Kiss)

November 12, 2009 Jose
Full Moon

It’s been a long time since I’ve shared any work from the Acentos workshops on Sunday. I didn’t share this at the workshop because I got shy. Yes, I have that emotion in my arsenal. Follow: My first kiss was the sweetest “Shut the F*k Up” I’d ever gotten from the first of many curvy, […]

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