Barack and Michelle Obama, Behind the Scenes

Michelle, My Belle

Jose Vilson Jose 3 Comments

We stand at the precipice of history Feet on the one end grounded, cemented And on the other, afloat and steadily adaptable to change Our palms meet, love and lifelines …

What You Know (Am I Not Human?)

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Hardships bypass you so easily You’re a bubble inhabitant A social vagabond A rank of immeasurable registry emanates from men in need of roofs Over their twists and unsharpened hairlines …

Lady In My Life

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Breakneck speeds of immense change Imposing and important questions laid in the musty air Dark wavy strands of black strewn across a librarian / teacher – prototype glasses An Amazon …


A Message To Latinas, Remastered

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“A Message To Latinas, Remastered” She gets on stage, Powerful, omnipotent, nervous, fragile She stands behind the mic Calling for attention, That which is already hers Cautioning that she might …

Mr. V Writing

The Key Master

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This will be that year The year of the grandiose theme song Providing the vibrations of an aura well suited for triumph It is here that the masters appear When …


Howl If You Hear Me

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Allen Ginsberg is the man. As a resident Lower East Sider and poet, I’ve always heard of his stuff, and respected him on street cred alone. Little did I know …


Drawing The Line

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After the Immigration Protest today in Union Square (all the way to Federal Square), I finally decided to draw some lines where I needed to. If I’m going to talk …


Eco-Friendly My Rear

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Last night, my girl and I saw 88 Minutes, which I found to be a good enough movie to keep my attention. While watching the previews, I noticed a very …