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She Will Be Loved

April 29, 2009 Jose
Holding Hands

It’s easy to sit here, Clasped hands Staring eyes, Inclement weather, Winds rustling our jackets every which way In front of a fluorescent building sometime closer to midnight than mid-day That three letter phrase tauted so heavily By romantics and lunatics alike That swelling in my chest and the screaming of the conscience to make […]

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Teacher Qualifications

April 25, 2009 Jose

Prepare to sacrifice 3/4ths of your day and your life to the world’s oldest profession Where the other fourth you’re wondering where the other 3/4ths went In a permanent classroom where your first name no longer means much In the hallway where everyone’s business becomes yours In the staircase where you can be yourself but […]

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No Evidence

April 16, 2009 Jose
Domestic Violence

Pitch black shadows mixed with spots of artificial light The damp cement makes rubber tires woosh past us Umbrella clutched between me and my significant other A blink and a rush A small blonde child shaken Parents turned around A young, dark woman with dark clothes leaned against the wall Looks of bewilderment riddle her […]

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She Read Twice (A Dedication to Staceyann Chin)

April 15, 2009 Jose
Staceyann Chin, B&W

Seven years ago, she spouts, “Jose, who has hoes?” This firebrand of a woman Who, when she walks, you can hear the susurrus of her Wavy, wild, copperhead colored hair Her patented tank top Strings barely holding on to the bra of the boobs she’s so proud of This wise woman makes me roll my […]

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A Dreamer

April 14, 2009 Jose
Starburst Cluster

Be still, the living and breathing of the night Dark as the other side of one’s eyelid And reflective as when I close them Imagination is at once a flick of water off my hands into a large puddle And a spark of friction stinging my fingers At once, these ideas motivate my body to […]

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The White Noise [Genesis of a Nemesis Series]

April 1, 2009 Jose
White Noise

A Bronx teen was killed in a triple shooting. It happened around 10 p.m. Monday at 1225 Gerard Avenue in Mount Eden. Stare into the eyes of a boy whose eyes glistened rather than rolled Watch his skin deteriorate in a light powder In a finely-tailored suit covering his shell of an exterior This body […]

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