And The Crowd Goes Wild

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By the way, I didn’t know my last blog was blocked from comments, but that’s fine. It was a post I just needed to exhale. Thanks for your concerns again, though. On my way back from Florida, I had to think of what poems I wanted to perform for the Tavern of Creativity (presented by Cathy Delaleu and hosted by …

Jose VilsonAnd The Crowd Goes Wild

And I Wonder …

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“Find your dreams come true And I wonder if you know What it means To find your dreams …” I’ve been forced to do a lot of reflection as far as my father’s terrible health right now. The growth I’ve gone through since I’ve seen him has been tremendous. I don’t think I’ve gone through this much growth in such …

Jose VilsonAnd I Wonder …

Flash Flood Warning

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The G_d around me and not the G_d I am tapped twice on my shoulder before the storm hit In rumbles calling for home sanctuary You must rest, that G_d said I laughed, for the tempest brewed up Free merriment Mid-Manhattan debauchery with workers of the same Taxing Grey And promising Edifice of scholarly promise for young bilingual students But …

Jose VilsonFlash Flood Warning

Peanuts Have To Shower, Too

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Yesterday, I had the wonderful opportunity to be part of my friend AnnMary’s baby shower. I wish I took pictures, but I swear to you, there are enough picture takers at that party that those pictures will suffice. Now I would love to tell you all the details, but really it was just a time for me to reflect on …

Jose VilsonPeanuts Have To Shower, Too

Sh**, G_ddamn, Get Off Your @ss and Write

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Much of my effort for the last 3 weeks or so has been geared towards my blogging, an extension of my article writing / column writing ambitions. That’s also means my poetry, my one true love, has been neglected for some time. I wrote a couple of pieces here and there on this blog, but otherwise, most of my poetry …

Jose VilsonSh**, G_ddamn, Get Off Your @ss and Write

Too Cool For School


I’m surprised by the serendipity of this August 1st. A few quick notes: 1) I’m the featured artist on RainTiger’s Poetry Site for August 2007. Thanks, mi gente. 2) As I said before, I’m a BlogCritic, and my latest article about the recent Rock the Bells concert featuring Rage Against the Machine, Wu Tang, and Public Enemy is officially published. …

Jose VilsonToo Cool For School

Courage to Teach


Every morning for a good 3 weeks or so, I’d been reading Teaching With Fire: Poetry That Sustains the Courage to Teach, a poetry compilation compiled and edited by Sam Intrator and Megan Schribner. Even though I haven’t finished it just yet, it’s already one of my favorite books of the year, and will probably stay somewhere near me at …

Jose VilsonCourage to Teach

N-Word Reverie


This is what I was feeling last week. Before you judge, ask from whence it came. Hope y’all like … “N-Word Reverie” by Jose Vilson © 2007 They buried the n-word yesterday The National Association for the Advancement of People Who Are Often Defined As and Often Call Themselves The N-Word gave the last rites and buried the n-word With …

Jose VilsonN-Word Reverie

They Reminisce Over You, My G_d

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This is just another one of those stream-of-consciousness poems. I’m at a point in my writing where I can just write well without thinking too much of the consequences … if that makes any sense. Check the rhyme … “They Reminisce Over You” What will they say when I’m gone? Will they look back to my electronic words as testimony …

Jose VilsonThey Reminisce Over You, My G_d

Season’s Change

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“Season’s Change” (first draft, so don’t bite me) © Jose Vilson 2007 The buds blossom on trees still covered with frost The calendar tells us to switch modalities To warm weather and less layers on our person Yet, she lays there in her puffy coat In the middle of the world’s great metropolis With her eyes to the sky Her …

Jose VilsonSeason’s Change