File photo shows King speaking during a signing of his book in New York

What Rodney King Meant To Me

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I have a student who already glorifies the idea of enrolling for the armed forces. He resolves every imaginary conflict with a shotgun or a mixed martial arts move. I’ve made it a running joke just to show how absurd he sounds every time he puts his fingers up in …

Short Notes: An Injustice Here

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This week in my blog, I’m engaging in lots of civil disobedience. You’ve been warned. As usual, on a Sunday, some short notes: – I totally forgot to do this, mainly because I’ve been overwhelmed by the kudos I’ve gotten for my work here, but Joel at SoYouWantToTeach made me …

A Tale of Two Lower East Siders

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I’m a resident Lower East Sider. I don’t teach around here, but my heart, soul, and body still resides here. So when news from this area comes out, my ears perk up. We’ve had some of the more peculiar and iconic events happen around these parts, yet they hardly get …