File photo shows King speaking during a signing of his book in New York

What Rodney King Meant To Me

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I have a student who already glorifies the idea of enrolling for the armed forces. He resolves every imaginary conflict with a shotgun or a mixed martial arts move. I’ve made it a running joke just to show how absurd he sounds every time he puts his fingers up in a shot-trigger motion. Yet, something unnerved me about him. For …

Jose VilsonWhat Rodney King Meant To Me

My Friends, The Cops

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Before the turn of the century, my friends and I took spring walks from school to home, following the route of the M14D, which runs all the way down 14th Street from West to East and back again. Along the way, there was a little deli / convenience store along the way with the usual characters, including an dark-skinned man …

Jose VilsonMy Friends, The Cops
Stop and Frisk Policy

Some of the Right Questions To Ask About The Police State

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I can’t say I’ve ever been stopped and frisked yet, though I’ve accumulated my fair amount of “treatment” from other entities in NYC. I can say that we need to start asking the right questions, like why police find it OK to shoot 40+ shots anytime they’re even in neighborhoods with high concentrations of people of color. Even with the …

Jose VilsonSome of the Right Questions To Ask About The Police State
Malcolm X, Assassinated

On Snitching and Malcolm X’s Assassination

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Yesterday, Thomas Hagan, the only person who admitted to murdering Malcolm X, was released by the New York State Department of Correctional Services. The outrage from activists and anyone concerned with true justice has been enormous. That coupled with the recent Arizona immigration bill have made it a really hard week for those of us who seek justice daily to …

Jose VilsonOn Snitching and Malcolm X’s Assassination