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Short Notes: A New Agenda

November 2, 2008 Short Notes
Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation

A few notes: Last night, I knocked out a really big, bolded item off my imaginary bucket list: I saw Janet Jackson live. We had prime seating in Madison Square Garden for the event, and naturally, I went from cool and collected to a whooping maniac. More on that tomorrow. People who wish death upon […]

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Disagree Without Being Disagreeable

October 23, 2008 Jose

Remember how in the Time Out NY Mag, I called Mayor Bloomberg out for being on every damn list I’ve read. From TONY’s 41 to Esquire’s 75. No problem. For better or worse, he’s New York City’s mayor and I harbor no hate for his hustle. However, I’m really not feeling his policies. I completely […]

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Encima De Nuestros Espaldas (On Our Backs)

October 16, 2008 Jose

Last night, an enclave of us decided to liveblog the last debate between John McCain and Barack Obama at Hofstra University. While so much of the liveblogging was entertaining (while the debate often droned on), we noticed a few things of particular interest to us: 1) John McCain looks like a hard-pressed thumb 2) Both […]

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Toasting the President

September 23, 2008 Jose

I don’t want to have a beer with my President. Scenario Anyone that thinks otherwise is, at best, a sycophant with a penchant for reading wishy-washy children’s books. Picture the scene: I’ve just gotten back from work at around 5pm, Kangol hat, tie, pinstriped shirt, chalk-tinted slacks, and the weather’s really nasty. I come into […]

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The House Negro

September 17, 2008 Jose

I’m sitting there with 2 of my favorite educators, exchanging laughs, gossip, and semi-Mexican food. I got a cold Corona in my hand, and the ladies have mojitos in their hands. We’re all sitting there, having discussions about politics and existentialism, when all of a sudden, a debate breaks out. What is a house negro? […]

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From A Semi-Anarchist’s POV

September 15, 2008 Jose

Every so often, I get into this fit where I totally disavow myself from government structures and find myself requestioning some of the major events in my life, from Reaganomics to the disastrous events of 9/11, and realize just how complex it all is, and how little of the truth we actually know, but is […]

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