Fear of a Black Educator, Part 2

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[Here’s part 1 of this series.] You’ve now watched the umpteenth version of a person receiving unwarranted capital punishment for their pigmentation. These videos autoplay on your TV screen and your social media timelines. You’re inundated with rage in the form of speeches and blogs. You’ve read up on the …


Fear Of A Black Educator, Part 1

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Last night, in a fit of angst, I sent off a series of tweets: It’s hard telling kids to pledge allegiance to a flag when its representatives barely represent us. #TerenceCrutcher — Jose Vilson (@TheJLV) September 20, 2016 Without hesitation, someone decided to reply with “Why not move to a …

Dumi Lewis

A Brick In The Path (Promised Lands Are Never Promises Kept)

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“Originally a biblical reference to the land of Canaan promised to the descendants of Jacob, The Promised Land represented a new physical space where the old social order would be dissolved and from which opportunity would spring. The Promised Land was geographic, political, and simultaneously corporeal and non-corporeal.” From the …

Kaden Pagani, 8, left, and his brother Kingston, 6, carry signs as they march down Broadway toward Frank Ozawa Plaza during a Black Lives Matters protest in Oakland on Thursday, July 21, 2016. Image by Michael Short.

Show Solidarity with Words & Actions

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Audre Lorde calls for our silence to be transformed into language and action in her 1977 speech. But if our silence will not protect us, then why do we hold on to it for comfort? Why do revert to silence when we witness, see and read about the injustices and cruelty of this world? Why do we let fear take over? Why do we let compliance sink in?

Jose Vilson, Noble Talks, Clinton School for Public Service, Little Rock, AR

Text of My Speech in Little Rock, AR (Decenter Yourself)

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In a small, yet simple act of deflection, I managed to decenter myself and put the onus of learning on the students so they can take ownership. I ask them to imagine “What if I wasn’t there? Would you still learn?” I don’t quit until they’ve learned how to ask good questions, not just of themselves, but also of the content they’re learning and the teacher himself.

Jose Vilson, Central High School, Little Rock

Between Little Rock and This Hard Place

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“She wasn’t with the rest of the other Black students. Can you imagine having all those harassers, reporters, and guards blocking her from letting her get into school?” As I was listening to the ranger tell us the story of Elizabeth Eckford’s first day of school at Central High School …


A Quick Note on Race Talks in Education Spaces #EduColor

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Premise: educators who aren’t challenged to think about systemic inequity offline don’t want to think about it online. In the last week, much has been made about my impromptu #educolor chat about race and schools, but, like #EduColor itself, it wasn’t borne of a chat, but by resistance to ignorance …

TMC16 Jose Vilson c/o John Golden

Twitter Math Camp and the Convergence of The Work

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This weekend, I had the pleasure of attending Twitter Math Camp 2016, a conference organized by the collective known as MTBoS. As the name suggests, this set of social-media-connected math teachers created a conference where they could network, have deep conversations, and share ideas about pedagogy, curriculum, and content. Even …

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Lead With Love [Spring Valley High Is Your School Too]

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Today, I finally saw some of my cockamamie student groupings come to a screeching halt when some of my best students started clashing with each other over how to approach their scientific notation project. My 280 lbs frame usually settles disagreements if I’m in proximity, but this was not one …


We’re Wrong [Reflecting on Spring Valley High]

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One more thing about the teachers of color panel went awry from a couple of weeks ago: we too embody white supremacy as agents of the state. Yesterday, a cop assaulted a black girl in the middle of class for refusing to leave the class when a teacher, an administrator, …