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First They Came For Urban Black and Latino Moms (For Arne Duncan)

November 17, 2013 Jose

A few months ago, I walked past a “successful” charter school here in Harlem, NY, speed-walking to get my school supplies for the coming school year. I noticed a huge crowd of mostly Black and Latino families all waiting to pick up their children when a taut, pony-tailed White man came out with a clipboard […]

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Excuse Me, Your Privilege Is Showing (White Privilege in Ed Reform)

November 14, 2013 Jose

It always starts when someone brings up a point about race within your “own” ranks. Whatever that means. I’m OK with taking on the role as education’s Race Man, but the more I write about it, the more prevalent these discussions become. It’s almost as if people are waiting for [insert name of favorite White […]

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Diversity and Openness at the Bammy Awards, From Errol Smith

September 5, 2013 Jose
Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 2.05.43 PM

An exchange flared by between Errol Smith, executive producer of the Bammy Awards in my post about race within the education reform movement. My point in highlighting the Bammys wasn’t to hate on it, but assure that, as someone vested in true diversity, I would spare no one, liberal or conservative, from facing racial issues […]

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Embracing The Elephant (Race and Education Reform)

August 15, 2013 Jose
A Man and His Elephant, by Paula Bronstein

When I first saw Michael Petrilli’s list of influential education policy tweeters, I laughed. As usual, it’s as important to see who’s left off the list as to see where they rank. We see through whichever lens is given to us at whatever time we read any piece, as well as create it, so this […]

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Short Notes: Intersectionality of Race and Gender via Questlove

July 28, 2013 Short Notes
Questlove, of the Roots

A few notes: This graphic is what I try to tell people about teachers. We work all summer, just not necessarily with kids. [Upworthy] I didn’t have the heart to read this before, but Questlove’s letter about “not being shit” resonated with me on a deep level. [NYMag] Jamilah Lemieux wrote a thorough critique of […]

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Invisibility and People Of Color in Education Reform

June 20, 2013 Jose
Mad, The Invisible Man

Whenever people ask me where I stand on education reform, I ask them where I should start. Obviously, issues of equity and access rank at the top of my list of ideas I love to emphasize, but I can also get into curriculum and teacher quality if / when we need to have that debate. […]

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